Day: November 11, 2014

When it comes to women: LESS IS MORE – Become Unavailable to Become Valuable

less is more

The premise of this episode is “Less is More”. The less you give the more you get. That philosophy goes against what we are tought growing up, but the reality is that the law of supply and demand is correct.

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Ignoring Women to Get their Attention

ignoring women

The key to getting a woman’s attention is to ignore them. As humans, we all want to be unique and special and when you don’t recognize that in a woman who is used to receiving that kind of attention, then

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Get a Girl to Text You Back

get her to text you back

Sometimes women play games. Especially over all the new ways of communicating. They won’t return your texts or simply take a really long time to reply to you. So how do you win this game they play? How do you come

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