Year: 2016

Lack of Opportunities for Black Latinos in Hollywood

black latinos in hollywood

Are there any opportunities Black Latinos in Hollywood? Not really. It’s a big problem no one talks about. When your skin is dark, you’re labeled as “Black” in Hollywood. You have to be light-skinned enough to be considered a Latino,

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Guy Gets Owned By Brilliant Telemarketer šŸ˜‚

I usually have a field day with telemarketers who interrupt my day. In this new Telemarketing series, I showcase what happens to those who dare give me a call to sell me anything. Except, this particular telemarketer didn’t seem phased

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Andy Marlon’s “Borderline” is an Excellent Short Film Dealing with Depression

The short film “Borderline” – produced and directed by the prolific film prodigy Andy Marlon – takes a close look at depression. The movie is fast-paced and has a great ending. Check out “Borderline” below:

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10 Minutes of Hillary Clinton Unable to Stop Shaking Head

During a recent Bernie Sanders speech at one of her rallies, Hillary Clinton is unable toĀ stop shaking her head. At first glance, it looks like she’s shaking her head in agreement with Sanders, but after a few minutes of the

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Cop Drags Woman by her Hair and Punches Her in the Face

Is it justified for a cop to drag a woman by the hair and punch her repeatedly in the face? Watch below.

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Bad Trump!

Gotta admit this is pretty funny… (From Adam Ellis Comics)

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Come With Me to the Capri Lounge in Glendale, California

Come With Me to the Capri LoungeĀ in Glendale, California where I’m trying out their Spiked Sweet Tea specialty.  

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New Hillary Clinton Movie “Trustworthy”

hillary clinton movie

This new Hillary Clinton movie looks like its going to be amazingly good.

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Up-and-Coming Dance Prodigy BeastBoy Does It Again

BeastBoy is part of the Versa-Style Dance Co. and is known to bring some heat with his performances. Here are some images ofĀ BeastBoy at one of his performances with the Versa-Style crew at The Ford Amphitheater inĀ Hollywood.  

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The similarities between Bill Clinton & Bill Cosby’s Rape Allegations

It is more than obvious that there are some real similarities between Bill Clinton &Ā Bill Cosby’s rape allegations. The question is, why is one of them pursued and demonized more than the other? Wouldn’t the fair thing be that either

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Seattle’s Best Coffee Signature Blend “Dark Intense” Level 5

Dark Intense Level 5 This is my review of Seattle’s Best Coffee Signature Blend “Dark Intense” Level 5 coffee. I still remember the days when coffee was just that… coffee. Marketing has taken the universality of dark gold and has

The Clinton Cold Chai Challenge #CCCC

The Clinton Cold Chai Challenge aka #CCCC is a donation-based dare that calls on people to drink Cold Chai Teas and have mild seizures. All proceeds benefit the Clinton Foundation. Take the challenge today! I challenge all Twitter friends &

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Hillary Clinton’s Cold Chai Seizure Challenge

clinton cold chai seizure challenge

Hillary Clinton’s Cold Chai Seizure Challenge. All proceeds benefit the Clinton Foundation.

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Zach Galifianakis’ funny Hillary Clinton Interview – Between Two Ferns

This video of “Between Two Ferns” withĀ Zach GalifianakisĀ interviewingĀ Hillary Clinton is pretty funny. When first clicked on it I was just expecting your run-of-the-mill political gaffe, but it actually turned out to be funny. I loved theĀ joke at the end.

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Attibassi Espresso Italiano Review

I found this Attibassi Espresso Italiano at my local supermarket (Ralph’s on sale $4.99). Took it home and brewed it the next morning. The packaging gave me the impression that this find was going to be good, and indeed, the

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BeastBoy from Versa-Style Dance Co. Gets it at Kiiara’s “Gold” Tempo

“Beast Boy” from the Versa-Style Dance Company puts it down somewhere in the wilderness to the rhythm of Kiiara’s 2016 summer hit “Gold.” Ā Beast Boy has been known for his powerful thumps and showings of force in dance. His style

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De La Soul ‘Anonymous Nobody’ Album – SO GOOD – Download

De La Soul is setting an example of how you don’t need to sell dope in your lyrics in order to create music. Maybe there’s a generational gap that separates good taste from today’s garbage, but regardless, if you’re looking

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Nail Salon AnimaciĆ³n SUBTITULADO en EspaƱol – Nail Salon Cartoon Subtitled

nail salon spanish

AnimaciĆ³n SUBTITULADO en EspaƱol – Nail Salon Cartoon Subtitled

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Haitian Man Accuses Clinton of Stealing Haiti’s Wealth – IS THIS TRUE?

The man on this video accuses the Clintons of stealing Haiti’s wealth. Are any of these accusations true?

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Latinos are Racist

latino racism

Have you ever seen a Black Latino on TV? If you have, then you probably remember it vividly because that is quite the rare event. Black Latinos in Spanish are called ā€œNegrosā€ [Nae-gros]ā€“ which is the literal English translation for

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