I usually have a field day with telemarketers who interrupt my day. In this new Telemarketing series, I showcase what happens to those who dare give me a call to sell me anything. Except, this particular telemarketer didn’t seem phased by my rejections. Watch me get owned by a calm, […]

Guy Gets Owned By Brilliant Telemarketer šŸ˜‚

nail salon spanish
AnimaciĆ³n SUBTITULADO en EspaƱol – Nail Salon Cartoon Subtitled

Nail Salon AnimaciĆ³n SUBTITULADO en EspaƱol – Nail Salon Cartoon ...

things i hate about the zodiac signs
These are some of the Things iHATE about the Zodiac Signs. As a matter of fact, all the zodiak signs suck. Also don’t miss the thingsĀ iHATE about going to the DOCTOR and the things iHATE about my girlfriend.


In this episode we play the “Is it Gay?” game with Andy and Isabelle, plus we discuss some of Trump’s crazy rhetoric. Could Donald Trump be a Mad Genius or just Mad? Listen to the episode below and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Play in […]

Playing the “Is it Gay?” Game, Plus is Trump a ...

pilot gets caught flying plane drunk
In this episode Rat-Ta-Ta finds out about a pilot who got caught flying the plane drunk. Andy Marlon tries to kiss Rat too ??? Follow Keu Reyes on Twitter @qreyes and Andy Marlon @zeroprd6969

Pilot Gets Caught Flying Plane Drunk

iHATE about valentines day
These some of the things I hate about Valentine’s Day: Cupid Wearing Red You have to outdo yourself every year Weā€™re not going to give each other anything (but that’s a lie) You have to post something on Facebook about what you did for Valentines Sending cheap ass flowers, co-worker’s […]

Things I Hate About Valentine’s Day [VIDEO RANT]

things i hate about my girlfriend
So I got an email from Mike from the Bronxā€¦ “Hey Keu, what are some of the things you hate?” Thatā€™s such an extensive question that IĀ hadĀ to narrow it downto Things I Hate About My Girlfriend I love my girlfriendā€¦ but… I hate her deodorant. Secret. And itā€™s no secret […]

Things I Hate About My Girlfriend [VIDEO RANT]

New Planet X Found!! Plus Bill Cosby Accuser Chloe Goins Rap Diss Song
Ra-Ta-Ta and Andy discuss the new Planet X that was found near our solar system. Also, Ra-ta-ta plays the Bill Cosby Rap Song Diss by one of his accusers Chloe Goins.

New Planet X Found!! Plus Bill Cosby Accuser Chloe Goins ...

Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial REAL OR FAKE
Is the viral Youtube videoĀ of the Psycho During Makeup Tutorial Real or Fake? We discuss the facts in this episode of this Keu Reyes Project podcast. The episode and the video in question are below. Here’s the video (Podcast episode below): AND HERE IS THE PODCAST EPISODE BELOW: Play […]

Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial REAL or FAKE?

god on maury cartoon
What if God took a Paternity Test on Maury? Will the Virgin Mary get mad? God, you ARE the Father, the son, and the Holy Spirit…

What if God took a Paternity Test on the Maury ...

Anais Salazar toca el tema de Donald Trump, entrevista a el Dr. Ysamur Flores de Otis College, y por supuesto, una entrevista super exclusiva con nada mas y nada menos que el candidato presidencial Deez Nuts.

Donald Trump, Deez Nuts EN RESUMEN con Anais Salazar [ESPAƑOL]

meek mill
Meek Mill Finally responds to Drake!!! Got Em!!! MEEK MILL Finally Responds to DRAKE on this track!!! Posted by KEU REYES on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Meek Mill FINALLY goes in on Drake!!! FIRE!!!!!

president donald trump
If Donald Trump becomes president, he will change a lot of things in the United States. Here’s Billy The White Guy talking about the reasons why Donald Trump should be president of the free world.

This is why Donald Trump would be the Perfect President… ...

lalo alacaraz bordertown 1
Award-winning cartoonist and writer Lalo Alcaraz talks about being a writer for FOX’s new show Bordertown. The show has caused controversy because of its ‘racially-challenged’ feeling (read about it here). Watch the interview here, or download the audio podcast below. Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes […]

Bordertown Writer Lalo Alcaraz Interview