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You should drop out of school. Here’s why:

education sucks
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The Black Latino Sub-Racism – it exists!

black latino

Who are you when you’re not White, not Black, Latino, but not a light-skinned Latino? You’re a Black Latino – probably one of the most subtly discriminated group of people in the US. Obviously not being “White” automatically puts you

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The Creative Low – Being creative leads to depression

It took me many years to discover my “creative low” – that’s when I engage in tasks that take such a creative toll on me that I end up depressed for no apparent reason. I’m not sure if this is

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Working Through Being Sick

working through sickness

When you work for yourself you have no sick days.  I’ve felt like crap this week, still work has to get done. I’ve been trying to figure out how to maintain a level of energy that allows me to keep

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Nice Guys Finish Last

asshole man

Women like nice guys, but they LOVE assholes. Ever wonder why women stay in unstable relationships? Why they’re always crying after that guy that has no interest in them? Well, it’s quite simple: Women want what they can’t get. They

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I always try to exaggerate stereotypes when I write my characters. The exaggeration brings about a conversation that would be otherwise taboo without the ridicule of pointing out the obvious. The following video shows a “stereotype” of cops – the

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A Father’s Right To Choose?

A father has no right to choose, mainly because he’s only good for fertilizing the egg and paying child support for 18 years. Nonetheless, a father can’t meddle in a woman’s right to chose, because it’s “their body, their choice”.

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Real Hip Hop is Not Coming Back – Give it Up

If you grew up listening to real hip hop and you’re hoping someone (anyone) will bring it back… Give it up! It’s not happening. Just be happy with the fact that you grew up in a generation where you were

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Karma is for Weirdos

Karma is for Weirdos When I used to think of Karma, I used to think that it was a concept that pacifist weirdos came up with in order to live life in a relaxed manner. That was until I was

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I fell in love.

I fell in love with…

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Top 10 Reasons I Procrastinate

Blah, Blah, Procrastinate, Blah, Blah

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The Excitement of Controversy

Controversy makes our lives interested.

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Anything Except What I Want

Anything Except What I Want

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I Died In My Dream

I died in a dream.

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Those Who Know Do Not Talk

Those who know do not talk.  Those who talk do not know. -Lao Tsu

The Audacity of Being Broke

Hope is easy for those that think things will be better. Hope doesn’t exist. It’s a made up way to mask reality. Hope is for those who want, only to fail miserably in their lives, and become forgotten by all throughout time. People want accomplishment, not hope.

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7 Habits of Highly Procrastinating People

how to stop procrastination

These are seven tips to become a better procrastinator.

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