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Where and How to Find Motivation

Where do you find motivation? How do you find motivation? Is it an external force that you must find in the first place? Or is there a way to find such motivation from within ourselves? Listen or download the episode

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Be Careful Where You Get Advice

Advice is all the praise. Everyone advises that you should listen to advice. But all advice is not created equal. There’s some extremely bad advice out there. So there are some things you must analyze before taking any advice to

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Overcoming Fears, Having Courage

finding courage overcoming fear

Courage is simply being afraid of doing something, yet doing it anyway. A lot of our fears keep us from being the best we can be. Fears can stop us from achieving goals, growing as a person and it hinders

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Your Comfort Zone Will Destroy You. Get Out Now! [Audio]

Being in a comfort zone is quite dangerous. When you’re in a comfort zone, you’re not growing. You’re stagnant. You must keep moving and growing. Life is about change. Comfort is about predictability. When you constantly look for that change

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How to Stay Motivated


Staying motivated is easier said than done. It requires a good routine that turns into a habit. The only true way to stay motivated is to be on the constant search for motivation itself. We discuss all about motivation in

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Enjoying Creative Depression

Sometimes I’m social and productive. Other times I crave solitude and don’t feel like getting anything done. Luckily for me, I’m in the social and productive mode most of the time. But when I get to the other side of

How to Ignore Women Properly [AUDIO]

how to ignore women

The law of supply and demand is in full effect when it comes to relationships. The less supply, the more demand. Less supply also means that the limited rations hold more value. You want to apply this law in your

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Understanding Women’s Emotion

women emotions

If you think you understand women’s emotions, you’re absolutely wrong. The complexity of the female mind and her expanding connection to her ever-changing feelings will make it nearly impossible to predict, let alone understand. In this episode I discuss a

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NeoSlavery: Modern Day Volunteer Slavery


Slavery has change from its days of physical abuse. Nowadays, slaves volunteer to work. Slaves want to do all the hard work in order to get money to eat and have a roof over their heads. They don’t need to

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How to Deal With Disappointment

how to deal with disappointment

Dealing with disappointment is part of life. It’s important to not take the “I’m a victim” route, and instead look for the opportunity in life’s setbacks. In this episode we talk a bit about how to get this done. Listen

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Climbing Life – Keep on moving beyond obstacles in life

climbing life

If you’ve ever walked uphill, then you know that the higher up you go, the more tire you’ll be. Also, the higher the altitude, the more difficult it gets to breath. However, when you get to the top and you

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Walk the Walk with Confidence

walk with confidence

Walking with a confident demeanor actually makes you feel more confident. Walking with a purpose will change your mood and you’ll make powerful impressions. When you walk with your head up and you emanate confident energy, people have no choice

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Change Your Life By Waking Up Earlier

wake up early

Waking up is a part of life. It is one of the few things we can control in our lives. Waking up early will help your life when it comes to productivity. In this episode we discuss the benefits of

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Be Productive and Turn Off Social Media

no phones

It sounds easier than it is. All you want is to be productive and turn off your social media. But are you addicted? In this episode we explore all possibilities… Listen and Subscribe: Play in new window | Download

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You are NOT Special

you are not special

We get the notion growing up that there’s something special about us. That our uniqueness is special and that somehow we’re better than we are. The fact is that this way of thinking stops your betterment. In this episode we

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Believing is the first step to Creating Reality

In this episode we’ll discuss how the act of truly “Believing” in something will actually make it come into reality. Listen up here… Check Out Comedy Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with ArtisticWarfareRadio on BlogTalkRadio

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Advice for Women who want to understand Men

advice for women

Men are simple, yet that simplicity is sometimes hard to understand for women. Women’s intelligence keeps them hoping that men are better than they seem. In this episode I discuss some of the misconceptions and common mistakes women make when

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Becoming Focused in 2015


Life is full of distractions. Becoming focused on one thing is one of the hardest things to do, but if you can master it, you’ll be on your way to success. Procrastination takes over sometimes and if you have too

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Do you know why they put Fluoride in your drinking water? [VIDEO]

flouride in drinking water

It’s no secret that your tap water is full of “stuff”, but did you know they also add Fluoride? “They” say it’s to help with teeth cavities, yet people still get cavities. Most of the developed countries in the world

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When it comes to women: LESS IS MORE – Become Unavailable to Become Valuable

less is more

The premise of this episode is “Less is More”. The less you give the more you get. That philosophy goes against what we are tought growing up, but the reality is that the law of supply and demand is correct.

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