McCain can say whatever he wants, but he’s so afraid to get owned by Barack Obama on a debate dealing with the real issues.  What is McCain going to do over by going over to Washington to “fix” the economy?  He’s part of the reason the economy is the way […]

McCain AFRAID… to debate Obama.

I couldn’t help to notice the letter being addressed to a “Mr. Potter”. Is this guy related to Harry Potter – the wizard? Or is McCain sending hidden messages about his stand on the legalization of marihuana? I’ve been wondering why McCain’s been so happy lately.More on Fox NewsRead the […]

Fox News Demands McCain Campaign Remove Major Garrett From Campaign ...

Mcain is also that weird uncle that feels really uncomfortable to hug, not only because of his injuries, but because you don’t know him that well. Now, Cindy Mcain… now I’m talking about giving an aunt a very long and inappropriate hug. Yeah, it’s wrong… but she’s not technically my […]

John McCain is America’s Crazy Uncle

Hope is easy for those that think things will be better. Hope doesn't exist. It's a made up way to mask reality. Hope is for those who want, only to fail miserably in their lives, and become forgotten by all throughout time. People want accomplishment, not hope.

The Audacity of Being Broke