T-Mobile Ripoff and Tricks Customers with Deceptive and Unethical Business Practices

It’s no secret that T-Mobile ripoff and tricks customers with deceptive and unethical business practices. They advertise one cost, yet they charge another. They also make up charges and create fake taxes in order to charge customers more. In this podcast I talk a bit about some of T-mobile’s worst practices against its customers.

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2 thoughts on “T-Mobile Ripoff and Tricks Customers with Deceptive and Unethical Business Practices

  1. I’d like to also share some of T-Mobile’s deceptive practices that they used on me personally.

    I recently went to a TMobile store (the one in Landover, MD) to upgrade to a Samsung S8. I also inquired about adding my fiance to my account. She has a Verizon Samsung Note 5, and she uses it extensively to do essential parts of her job. I told the gentleman that I wanted to look into switching her from Verizon to TMobile and using her existing Verizon Samsung Note 5. He told me that wouldn’t be a problem, he showed me how to do it, and he sold me both my Samsung S8 and a SIM card for my fiance’s Verizon Samsung Note 5.

    What he did not tell me, and what none of T-Mobile’s advertising or information states, is that the Verizon Samsung Note 5 will not work well on the T-Mobile network. I did not discover this until after they had already put me on a 24 month payment plan for a $750 phone and had us close my fiance’s Verizon account. I called them for assistance a few days ago. That is when they decided to tell me that her phone wouldn’t work well on T-Mobile’s service. This is essential information to my buying decision that they left out of the sales presentation. She now has been missing phone calls, texts, and emails essential to her job.

    I explained the issue to several TMobile employees including several managers. The only option that was repeatedly presented to me was to accept a lower quality phone for free or to pay TMobile even more money to fix the problem. This solution was offered to me by several people from several offices.

    So essentially, my complaint is that TMobile withheld essential information from me during their sales presentation, and then trapped me with no options that did not present a loss to me.

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