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latino racism
Have you ever seen a Black Latino on TV? If you have, then you probably remember it vividly because that is quite the rare event. Black Latinos in Spanish are called “Negros” [Nae-gros]– which is the literal English translation for “Blacks”. It’s not uncommon to hear the reference to Negros […]

Latinos are Racist

In this episode we play the “Is it Gay?” game with Andy and Isabelle, plus we discuss some of Trump’s crazy rhetoric. Could Donald Trump be a Mad Genius or just Mad? Listen to the episode below and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Play in […]

Playing the “Is it Gay?” Game, Plus is Trump a ...

el chapo caught
El Chapo Gets Caught, Trump Talks, Is it Gay? Game – The Keu Reyes Project Podcast – Jan 8, 2016 Listen Below and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

El Chapo Gets Caught, Trump Talks, Is it Gay? Game ...

This campaign mailer that was sent out to thousands of people in Iowa features Jeb Bush with a photoshopped “Black Hand.” The arm is clearly photoshopped, but Bush’s campaign claims that it’s a “shadow.” However, most people with half-of-a-brain can clearly see that the arm is completely different than the […]

Jeb Bush Subliminal “Black Hand” Message?

donald trump freedom of speech
It’s easy to attack Donald Trump nowadays. He seems to be always putting his foot in his mouth. But is it his right to do so? Should he be allowed to think however he wants to think and say whatever he wants to say? Or if it’s uncomfortable, should we […]

Does Donald Trump Deserve His Freedom of Speech?

leave donald trump alone
Donald Trump currently is a candidate for the US Presidency. He has also been untactfully spewing stereotypes regarding Latinos – Mexicans to be specific. Yet, even though whatever he may be saying is outrageous, should he be censored? Should people make him shut up because they don’t agree with him? […]

Leave Donald Trump Alone! (here’s why)