A lot of people think Rihanna’s “Needed Me” song is about Travis Scott — but it is not! This song is absolutely about Drake – who was always the one riding to Rihanna with a horse and carriage. This song may have been recorded a while ago, when they first […]

Rihanna Dissing Drake on “Needed Me” Song from her ANTI ...

In this interview Safaree indirectly says that Meek Mill is threatened by him — which is pretty believable. Safaree Samuels also talks about how his relationship with Nicki Minaj started, and he also mentions liking Drake. Check it out:

Meek Mill ‘Threatened’ By Safaree? [VIDEO]

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So this past week was all about the Drake vs. Meek Beef – which served as a distraction from the real issue out there… POLICE SHOOTINGS in particular. While we were all paying attention to the soap opera of rap beefs, police shootings rose to an all-time high. We need […]

Meek Mill vs. Drake Beef Distraction While People Getting Killed ...

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Hip Hop radio stations from across the United States have stopped playing Meek Mill’s music and they have removed him from their playlist rotation, after Meek Mill failed to appropriately respond to a feud with rapper/singer Drake. Meek’s credibility has been lost among hip hop/rap music listeners, so the move […]

Radio Stations Decided to Stop Playing Meek Mill’s Music and ...

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This has to be one of the weirdest videos I’ve seen. Mostly because I couldn’t figure out “Why!???” Still, I enjoyed it. The video was directed by Ashley Smith?? (That’s a whole other story, LOL). You can find more from this person at their website here. Check it out (Don’t […]

Drake “Draft Day” Abstract Music Video CRAZY AF!! (Not Safe ...