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Motivate Yourself Immediately RIGHT NOW

Do 10 push ups. Right this moment. This is a trick that works for me whenever I want to break a procrastination slump. You can also substitute the push ups for 10 jumping jacks or if you’re unable to do

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If you don’t want it bad enough, you won’t get it at all.

You can talk all you want about the things you want to accomplish. The fact is nothing will happen if you don’t have an absolute obsessive passion about getting it. Working towards a goal is different than working towards a

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How to get more done by doing less.

Get more done by doing less. It sounds counter-productive, but it works. 1) Pick One Thing You Like Doing – Don’t pick 2 or 3. Just pick one thing and nothing else. 2) Pick something you can actually get done.

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Too Much To Do, Leads To Nothing Done

Sometimes I get very ambitious and come up with a million things that I want to do.  I even get organized and write everything down on a list.  I may even come up with plans on how to get everything

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