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Climbing Life – Keep on moving beyond obstacles in life

climbing life

If you’ve ever walked uphill, then you know that the higher up you go, the more tire you’ll be. Also, the higher the altitude, the more difficult it gets to breath. However, when you get to the top and you

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You are NOT Special

you are not special

We get the notion growing up that there’s something special about us. That our uniqueness is special and that somehow we’re better than we are. The fact is that this way of thinking stops your betterment. In this episode we

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How to Stop Procrastination [VIDEO]

how to stop procrastination

If you find yourself procrastinating, it is probably  because you’re trying to accomplish too many things at once. Your mind is cluttered with too many plans, and your goals, deadlines and expectations are not realistic. Minimize and focus on one

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How to get Razor Sharp Focus

getting focused

Getting razor sharp focus is easy, if you simply minify what you’re focusing on. Trying to focus on too many things will lead you astray of your goal. There’s no amount of self-discipline that will help you focus if you’re

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How to find motivation INSTANTLY [VIDEO]

Here’s a tip on how to get motivated immediately simply by taking action.

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