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How To Pitch a TV Show (Things NOT to do) – Interview with Rene Aguirre

This is an interview with Rene Aguirre (Twitter: @MrReneAguirre) who has been in the TV industry for many years in a variety of positions (Presently with Arsonhouse Entertainment http://arsonhouse.com ) In this video we discuss some of his professional trajectory

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Giselle Fernandez Interview – The Keu Reyes Project – Artistic Warfare Podcast

My interview with my mentor and inspiration Giselle Fernandez. Not only is she a five-time Emmy award-winning journalist, producer, filmmaker and Latin media marketing entrepreneur, but she is also a philanthropist and a selfless giver to to all of society.

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Where and How to Find Motivation

Where do you find motivation? How do you find motivation? Is it an external force that you must find in the first place? Or is there a way to find such motivation from within ourselves? Listen or download the episode

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Overcoming Fears, Having Courage

finding courage overcoming fear

Courage is simply being afraid of doing something, yet doing it anyway. A lot of our fears keep us from being the best we can be. Fears can stop us from achieving goals, growing as a person and it hinders

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Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial REAL or FAKE?

Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial REAL OR FAKE

Is the viral Youtube video of the Psycho During Makeup Tutorial Real or Fake? We discuss the facts in this episode of this Keu Reyes Project podcast. The episode and the video in question are below. Here’s the video (Podcast episode

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This year is going to be a big year, would like to share my opinions (good and bad), so make sure you subscribe: https://itun.es/i6Bk5wW

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