Where do you find motivation? How do you find motivation? Is it an external force that you must find in the first place? Or is there a way to find such motivation from within ourselves? Listen or download the episode below and don’t forget to subscribe to the Artistic Wafare […]

Where and How to Find Motivation

Most people don’t like what they do for a living, and if you’re one of the lucky few that do, then appreciate what you have, for it’s rare. Regardless if you love or hate what you do the key is to take pride in your work. Be the best at […]

Take Pride in EVERYTHING You Do

Do 10 push ups. Right this moment. This is a trick that works for me whenever I want to break a procrastination slump. You can also substitute the push ups for 10 jumping jacks or if you’re unable to do one of those, then simply yell at the top of […]

Motivate Yourself Immediately RIGHT NOW

Sometimes I get very ambitious and come up with a million things that I want to do.  I even get organized and write everything down on a list.  I may even come up with plans on how to get everything done.  The problem is that it’s way too much.  It’s […]

Too Much To Do, Leads To Nothing Done

There’s power in becoming a specialist in whatever it is we do. Focusing our energy at being the leaders or experts in a niche of our trades assures success. We all have tendencies that lead us to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Yet, even […]

Dont Be a Jack and Master Your Trade.

A lot of people start writing by editing, and this is the biggest mistake you can commit when you’re actually trying to finish something.  You can’t edit something that has not been written yet!  So you have to WRITE FIRST! Write whatever comes to mind, don’t worry about what it […]

Write First, Edit Later

Being better than everyone is a simple concept with a complex execution. The first part of being better than everyone is to be okay with the fact that you are better than everyone. If you live your life waiting for people to catch up to you or to reach your […]

How To Be Better Than Everyone

Just like writers, video editors get blocked too.  So where do you find the inspiration to get back on track?  That’s a question I’ve asked myself plenty of times, and these are some of the things I’ve found so far work for me. The first thing is to STEP AWAY […]

How to beat video editor’s block.