Jeffrey Toobin Gets Owned

Jeffrey Toobin gets owned – big time!  Jeffrey Toobin is an alleged lawyer and senior legal expert for CNN. He always take the “anti” position on any issue, especially when dealing with President Trump. His hatred for the current government is so deep, that he will say anything and everything in order to make a negative point. In a recent program, law professor Elizabeth Foley wasn’t having any of it, so she decided to take Jeffrey Toobin back to law school and teach him a lesson or two about the Constitution and obstruction of justice.

I’m not necessarily a left or right guy, or conservative, or liberal or anything in between. But I’m definitively tired of the constant BS on these cable networks pushing stories about Russia, Obstruction of Justice, Impeachment, etc. – while there’s real people dying in the world. While the world keeps moving, they don’t inform anyone about what’s really happening. Is it on purpose or is it because of real hate towards the other side, I don’t know. But people must wake up and change the channel.

Watch the ownage below.

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