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Just finished producing another music video – Nacho Cruz “Si Se Puede”

Finally done with post-production on another music video for Spanish rock singer, Nacho Cruz. I wanted to go somewhere abstract with it, and I think I did. I would have taken it a lot further (abstractly speaking), but time was of the essence. Hope you enjoy it. Here it is:

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Ceja y Maquillaje Masculino en el Video de Richie Alexander

Este es el nuevo vídeo de Richie Alexander “Querer Y No Tener”. Opinen que piensan de la ceja y el maquillaje de Richie en su nuevo vídeo. Vean el look de un  maquillaje  profesional a un hombre para hacerlo ver mas atractivo. Chicos recuerden que una ceja bien hecha y…

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