the african race

The African Race aka The “Black” Race

elijah bazelais★ Malcolm X- “You can’t hate the roots of the tree without ending up hating the tree. You can’t hate your origin without ending up hating yourself. You can’t hate the land, your motherland, the place that you come from, and we can’t hate Africa without ending up hating ourselves”

The following is an explanation of why we are called the “Black” Race and I substitute the modern term Black for African because they both mean the same thing when referring to a Race of people.

Black meaning a person of the African Race residing across the Globe. The Spanish word Negro [NeHgro] is different from the English pronunciation KNEEGROW [Negro]. I guess WE as African people got rid of Negro because that’s what the White Man chose to call us during slavery, but then we had the Black Power Movement & we decided to call ourselves what we wanted to be called not some foreign word introduced to us during Slavery. Black was the correct term not Negro. We As African people can call ourselves Black as long as you know you’re an African & know that it means the same thing!

Black is just another Classification of being of the African Race. For Example, Mexican people are called Chicano but that is just another Classification of being Mexican.


BLACK SKIN IS THE ORIGINAL COLOR OF THE AFRICAN RACE!  Using Black to describe our Race can only move us away from our Ancestral land if we don’t know that Black is the same as African when referring to Race just as White is the same as Caucasian.
The African Race is the best choice because it links us to the Motherland. Someone who is racially African has to do with phenotype. So an Australian Aboriginal would be racially African but there ethnicity would be Australian Aboriginal. I know Africa is a continent so someone born in Africa would be an African but they aren’t racially African, just like the Caucasus is a region in Eurasia, so someone born there would be Caucasian but not racially Caucasian [White].

Do all Black people come from Africa?

Of course! All Black people come from Africa some people left Africa Earlier & it’s called the Out Of Africa Migration, that’s why you find  the African phenotype across the Globe!

The African phenotype is the original phenotype on planet Earth & the most dominant & diverse Phenotype on Earth according to SCIENCE!
One-drop rule: African blood is so strong that One drop usually makes you look phenotypically African, the One-drop rule today only applies to you if you consider yourself Racially African but during slavery biracial slaves had no choice but to identify as Black.
”A Race is a group of people thought to share certain distinctive physical characteristics, such as facial structure or skin color. Racial characteristics are thought to be biologically inherited unlike ethnic characteristics, which are cultural”.

Africans also known as Blacks, that are ashamed of being African hate themselves. For me Black is the root of the African Race they are one and the same, there is no other Race of people with Black Skin only Africans have that unique dominant skin color!


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