Day: October 30, 2014

Nas “the season” – This joint is bananas!! [Listen]

This new Nas joint is ahead of the times past. Pure fire right here!

How to Get Focused Right Now [VIDEO]

getting focused

Focus is huge when it comes to making stride towards your goal. Find yourself with too many goals, and your bound to become frustrated with slow-moving progress and sometimes nothing gets done at all. The simplest way to become focus,

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How to Stop Procrastination [VIDEO]

how to stop procrastination

If you find yourself procrastinating, it is probably  because you’re trying to accomplish too many things at once. Your mind is cluttered with too many plans, and your goals, deadlines and expectations are not realistic. Minimize and focus on one

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What is the meaning of life? [VIDEO]

what is the meaning of life

Does anyone really know the meaning of life? This is what I think:

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Como Alcanzar la Motivación en tu Vida [VIDEO]

zanahoria motivacion

A veces no sabes en que dirección ir con tu vida. Tienes muchos planes, pero algo te para de llevarlos a cabo. Aquí les comparto brevemente como se puede alcanzar la motivación en la vida.

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Why you shouldn’t tell people your plans. [VIDEO]

When you set goals and plans in motion, you spend energy making them happen. That energy sometimes can be “stolen” by other people’s lack of energy. The best thing to do is to keep your plans to yourself. I explain

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7 Pillars of the Matrix: Modern Day Slavery [VIDEO]

7 modern day slavery tactics

You don’t have to be forced to be a slave. Nowadays most people are willing to be a slave to society’s system. Make sure you know why you do what you do. Check it out:

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The Ebola Scare: News Drama, Panic and Fear for Entertainment [VIDEO]

ebola scare

The news like to hype things up to keep people watching. It’s like a bad accident that never stops happening. Can’t believe the hype all the time. If it’s not Ebola, then something else is bound to get you. Keep

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Education is for Dummies. Here’s why you should drop out of school. [VIDEO]

education sucks

Education is absolute bullshit. I’m not talking about knowledge, or information, or learning or growing and expanding your mind. I’m talking about the education industry being absolute, complete bullshit. Here’s I go:

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Sevyn Streeter can sing her ass off [VIDEO]

I believe Sevyn Streeter is one of the most slept on artists in the business right now. The radio has definitively not given Sevyn her just due. At least on the West Coast she’s not on rotation. Radio stations wise

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T-Pain Singing without Auto-tune. Not bad. [VIDEO]

t-pain no autotune

T-Pain surprised me the way he can actually keep a tune. He’s no Whitney Houston, but he’s definitively not bad and quite unique. Check it out:

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