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Come With Me to the Capri Lounge in Glendale, California

Come With Me to the Capri Lounge¬†in Glendale, California where I’m trying out their Spiked Sweet Tea specialty.  

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Bustelo is the best coffee for the price

Bustelo coffee comes in a red and yellow can with black lettering. Simple and delicious without all the marketing and inflated prices. There are many coffees out there… from Starbucks, Pete’s Coffee, Coffee Bean and many more. But Bustelo definitely competes in the real of high quality coffee without the…

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Olive Garden Now Makes You Pay on Your Own at the Table

So the restaurant chain Olive Garden now makes you pay at the table using a little gadget called Ziosk. I’m not sure where this whole do it yourself craze that restaurant and grocery stores are embracing, but there is only one acceptable outcome: Lower prices.

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Bulleit Rye Better then Burboun

This Bulleit Rye is smooth, with a short finish. I’ve tried it straight and on the rocks and I have to say I’m impressed.  In particular with its affordable price range for such good quality. I really think this Rye challengea, if not outright beats, Bulleit’s Burboun. You can find…

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Jamba Juice App Sucks

The Jamba Juice app sucks. That, combined with their awful customer service and you have a recipe for disaster. I ordered a 21oz orange juice through their app. I was very trusting, since the Starbucks app works great. Well, when I got to the store, I was told they didn’t…

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Got Sick off this Bavarian Style Hefeweizen from Trader Joe’s

I was looking forward to trying out this beer. Found it at Trader Joe’s on sale for about $6.99 for a six-pack.  It’s an unfiltered wheat beer. It actually tasted quite nice and smooth. It was late night and I fell asleep after drinking just one bottle. However, I woke…

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