Nail Salon Animación SUBTITULADO en Español – Nail Salon Cartoon Subtitled

nail salon spanish

Animación SUBTITULADO en Español – Nail Salon Cartoon Subtitled

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Haitian Man Accuses Clinton of Stealing Haiti’s Wealth – IS THIS TRUE?


The man on this video accuses the Clintons of stealing Haiti’s wealth. Are any of these accusations true?

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Latinos are Racist

latino racism

SlaveHave you ever seen a Black Latino on TV? If you have, then you probably remember it vividly because that is quite the rare event. Black Latinos in Spanish are called “Negros” [Nae-gros]– which is the literal English translation for “Blacks”. It’s not uncommon to hear the reference to Negros in Spanish, which sometimes, may even be a term of endearment.

The Blacks, aka “Los Negros”, have a deep history in the Hispanic culture. Most are direct decedents of slaves brought to the Caribbean from Africa by their European owners, and eventually redistributed to North and South America.

Ever since the arrival of Los Negros and their forceful enslavement, not much has changed. Sure… so-called “freedom” was granted by their oppressors, and nowadays these Negros are allowed to work and live among the population – and some are even allowed to date outside their race, eat at public restaurants and vote – which is a huge improvement from their forced labor and subhuman conditions – but, still, nothing has practically changed since their emancipation.latinos are racist

Although they have yet to reach any level of equality in many areas of society, African-Americans in the United States have come a long way from their original oppression. But take that one step lower in the pole of injustice and you will find Afro-Latinos currently living even worse than their Afro-American brothers and sisters. Part of the reason is that there is still a real ignorance when it comes to the blunt racism taking place in Latin America. Most people don’t know (or care) that racism in the Latino community exists, and it’s thriving!

Most Latinos in America don’t see themselves as racist. They actually think they’re an equal opportunity community… but boy are they wrong! There are essentially no Black-Latinos in any sort of power in America. There may be a handful of dark-skinned leaders, but in general, power is exclusive to “light-skinned Latinos”.

I use Television as a prime example of this racial prejudice because TV is supposed to be a representative of culture for society. If you watch Spanish-language Television you will notice a lack of dark-skinned Latinos. Accident? Coincidence? Maybe. Racism? Definitively!

Even in Latin American countries where the majority of the population is composed of dark-skinned or “indigenous-looking” people, Television is mainly a light-skinned realm. I’ve worked in the TV industry for many years as a producer, and I’ve been directly instructed to cast only “lighter-skinned” talent – even though I’m considered a dark-skinned Latino myself.

Racial equality in America is far from a truth, but racial equality in Latin America is a far fetch fairy tale. The biggest problem is that no one thinks it’s a problem at all! Even darker-skinned Latinos don’t realize how much discrimination they go through, mainly because that’s the way it has always been. It’s the norm. It is normal for darker-skinned Latinos to see their lighter-skinned brothers and sisters get more opportunities than them. Darker-skinned Latinos don’t see anything wrong with that. In a way, they’ve been conditioned to think that’s just the way things are supposed to be.

I’m not a conformist. I can’t stand idle while people get discriminated because of the color of theirlatino racism skin – regardless of what language or culture they come from. Indigenous-looking Latinos, or as they are condescendingly called, “Indios” (Indians), are also hugely discriminated against. They’re the people that don’t belong to your TV sets. They’re meant only to work cleaning houses or in the agricultural fields, picking fruit and vegetables.

black_latino_racismThe portrayal in Spanish-language TV programming of dark-skin and indigenous Latinos as the maids and servants is outright the reason why those same Latinos grow up believing that’s their place in society. It’s really a sad deal all around because there’s an endless cycle of humiliating discrimination that has never been addressed since the times when the slaves were enslaved.

Some countries in Latin American have never even officially ended slavery. Of course, slaves revolted and demanded their freedom, but it was never granted officially.

I don’t propose any solutions within these writings, yet. This is a complex problem and it requires careful planning of any proposition to make things right. But my intent with these words is to hopefully bring awareness to the problem.

In conclusion, Latinos are racist. Extremely racist! But they don’t realize it. However… knowledge is power. Things have to change.


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Gun Control is a Bad Idea. Native Americans Lost Their Land Because of It. [VIDEO]

mexican gun laws

Native Americans lost their land because they didn’t have guns. Besides, outlawing guns don’t mean that criminals will respect the law. You could still be a victim of a home invasion robbery, except you won’t be able to defend yourself. Besides, it is illegal for any citizen to own a gun in Mexico, and that hasn’t helped one bit with gun violence. Watch my reasoning below:

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Girls on Snapchat be like…

Girls on Snapchat be like…

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Who Killed Tupac and WHY? – Interview with RJ Bond – Expert on Tupac Shakur’s Murder

rj bond interview

Had a long and deep conversation with author and Tupac Shakur’s murder expert, RJ Bond. He’s put in over 10 years of investigation into the murder of Tupac and in this interview he mentions the people who he’s convinced killed Pac.  This is part of a series of interviews, including last week’s interview with Michael Douglas Carlin which you can listen to HERE.

Get yourself a drink, sit back and take it all in:

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The Non-Existent Evolution of Spanish-Language Comedy: Why Comedy in Spanish Has Not Changed in 50 Years


pietofacesabadogiganteIf you’re into banana-peel-slipping, pie-to-the-face type of comedy, then Spanish-language TV is for you! For the last 50 years, if not longer, Spanish-language TV comedy has virtually stayed unchanged – carefully preserving the slapstick style of humor that English-littlepersonlanguage American television today sees as passé. Punchlines consisting of little people getting kicked or beautiful, big-breasted girls getting wet are prevalent in Spanish-language networks. Someone who didn’t grow up with such antics would be borderline disturbed, if not confused at the very least.

cantinflas2The style of comedy in Spanish-language TV extends back to the silent movie-era, and later with characters such as Mario Moreno’s Cantinflas – a fast-talking humorous hustler of sorts, who starred in dozens of films in Mexico with vast worldwide success. Around the late sixties/early seventies, Roberto Gomez Bolaños, aka Chespirito, broke into the scene, capturing an audience hungry for comedy. Chespirito created shows that today still compete in the ratings in Spanish-language TV, such as El Chavo Del Ocho, Chapulin Colorado, among many others.

Fast-forward to the present day. Chespirito is still comedy king without having produced any new shows ElChavodelOchoin nearly the last 50 years! This is an amazing feat, given the fact that technology and society has changed dramatically since the seventies. However, is the reason for this ongoing success of seventies’ shows because they were such great classics that they could never be surpassed? Or is it that the Spanish-language networks have chosen to not change a thing? Well, even though I am a fan of such classic Spanish-language comedy, the fact is that the latter is the truth.

spanishtvNetwork executives in the Spanish-language world operate under the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mentality. They are also afraid to take risks, since for a lot of them job-security is more important than changing an outdated culture. It’s an uphill battle none of them have been able to confront.
univision-logoHowever, the reason for these high-ratings is quite simple: There are over 55 million Latinos in the United States and only a handful of Spanish-language networks, so it makes sense that they get a big share of the Telemundo_2013_LogoSpanish-speaking population – regardless of the quality of programming. Latinos make up roughly 17% of the U.S. population, yet Spanish-language TV networks make up less than 5% of the television options out there. Provided that not all Latinos speak Spanish, that still leaves a disparaging gap between the demand and supply of Spanish-language television. The production and consumption are off balance, therefore, of course Univision gets high ratings – Spanish-language TV viewers don’t have much choice, do they?

Plus another factor to keep in mind is that these big Spanish-language networks are over-the-air broadcast networks. This means that you don’t need cable to watch them, and if there’s a group of viewers out there without the privilege of cable TV, it most likely is the Latino populous.

El_Chavo_CastSo does this lack of competition affect Spanish-language comedy’s growth, expansion and evolution? Absolutely! If networks don’t feel the pressure to compete in the market, because regardless of what they produce they will still get a large share of viewers, then there is no need to make comedy better, funnier or smarter. It’s simpler (and much less-expensive) to just re-run episodes of El Chavo del Ocho.

In the English-language networks, competition in comedy is fierce. There are so many choices for viewers out there – including the internet – which could very well be its biggest competitor – that there’s no room for comedy to stay at a standstill. This has facilitated the evolution of English-language comedy into what it is today. It has completely rendered obsolete pies-to-the-face or slipping on banana peels to make an audience laugh.seinfeld

I’m a lover of comedy, and I grew up watching all the classic Spanish-language programs – but now that I’m in the entertainment industry, I can see how closed-minded the Spanish-language market can be. I can truly attest that our [Latinos] lack of progress in comedy is a huge mirror image of the real issues we face in our society today. Comedy is usually a platform for protest and social commentary – and I can’t wait for the day that I, or other producers that think like I do, get an opportunity to develop Spanish-language comedy to its full potential.

But until then, I guess we have to watch another Chapulin Colorado episode for the 200th time.


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Who Killed Tupac? Interview with Michael Douglas Carlin – Biggie & Tupac Murders’ Expert

michael douglas carlin interview tupac

In this unprecedented interview we dig deep into the serious allegations against the Los Angeles Police Department and their possible involvement in the murder of Tupac Shakur.  Michael Douglas Carlin, author of Tupac 187: The Red Knight, expresses his concerns on the numerous suspicious attempts by a range of law enforcement organizations to cover-up and stall the Tupac murder investigation.

Listen to the full interview below, and you can get Michael’s book Tupac 187: The Red Knight HERE or download it from Amazon HERE.

Get Michael Douglas Carlin’s book:

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Bustelo is the best coffee for the price

bustelo coffee

Bustelo coffee comes in a red and yellow can with black lettering. Simple and delicious without all the marketing and inflated prices.

There are many coffees out there… from Starbucks, Pete’s Coffee, Coffee Bean and many more. But Bustelo definitely competes in the real of high quality coffee without the crazy prices. Currently you can find Bustelo coffee at about 5 bucks or less at pretty much any major grocery store.  In fact, I think Bustelo beats Yaucono any day, but that’s an entirely different story all together.

Next time you’re at the grocery store make sure you take some Bustelo home. You won’t regret the choice. Your taste bu




ds and pockets will thank you.

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If Tupac is Dead, Should We Let Him “Rest in Peace?”

tupac shakur

A lot of theories continue to circulate of whether Tupac Shakur faked his own death or not. Some fans swear that 2pac is alive; others believe he’s dead. Regardless, should fans leave Tupac alone? Should they stop searching for answers that they are never going to find? Bottom line… Should we let Tupac “rest in peace?” And if so, how exactly do you do that? Do you stop playing his music? Stop talking about him and his influence all over the world? What exactly is letting someone “rest in peace?”

I give you my take on the video below:

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Take your career in Hollywood to the next level – Hollywood Creative Forum – Walter Kaitz Foundation

hollywood creative forum

hollywood creative forumI’ve just got back from the Walter Kaitz Foundation 2-day event here in Los Angeles, and as usual, it was phenomenal! If you’re a professional of color or a woman in Hollywood then you have to know about this program.

First, the Walter Kaitz Foundation is an organization with the goal to advance the contributions of women and multi-ethnic professionals in cable. Basically actors, writers, producers, etc. They support other organizations that diversify Hollywood, as well as put together programs such as the Hollywood Creative Forum – which is an outstanding program that can really give you a leg up if you’re interested in taking your entertainment industry career to the next level.

During the program you get set up with quick meetings with a diversity of cable networks, and if you play your cards right, these quick meetings can turn into jobs and projects produced. All these 15-minute or so meetings take place on the same day, under the same roof. It’s amazing the kind of networking done in such a conductive environment.

bill duke hollywood creative forum

Bill Duke candidly discusses the current status of minorities in Hollywood during a panel at the forum.

For more information on the Hollywood Creative Forum or the Walter Kaitz Foundation program – check out their website

Below I leave you with a short impromptu interview I was fortunate to record with Michelle Ray – who is Deputy Executive Director of the Walter Kaitz Foundation.

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Olive Garden Now Makes You Pay on Your Own at the Table



So the restaurant chain Olive Garden now makes you pay at the table using a little gadget called Ziosk. I’m not sure where this whole do it yourself craze that restaurant and grocery stores are embracing, but there is only one acceptable outcome: Lower prices.


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Bulleit Rye Better then Burboun


This Bulleit Rye is smooth, with a short finish. I’ve tried it straight and on the rocks and I have to say I’m impressed.  In particular with its affordable price range for such good quality. I really think this Rye challengea, if not outright beats, Bulleit’s Burboun.

You can find Bulleit’s Rye being sold in pretty much every major establishment.

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Jamba Juice App Sucks


The Jamba Juice app sucks. That, combined with their awful customer service and you have a recipe for disaster.

I ordered a 21oz orange juice through their app. I was very trusting, since the Starbucks app works great. Well, when I got to the store, I was told they didn’t received the order. I showed them my order on my app. It was paid for and it showed it went through with no problems.

The employees at the Burbank, CA location (Empire Center) where I went (which seemed to not want to be working to begin with) told me there was nothing they could do. When I asked about a refund they told me they could not give me a refund neither. That I would need to call customer service. Unbelievable!

I usually don’t patronize Jamba Juice because I think they’re overpriced. Their quality is probably the only thing keeping them in business.

So based on my experience with the Jamba Juice app… save yourself some trouble and just order the juice when you get there. Their employees can’t help you if something goes wrong.

Now the Starbucks app… that’s a different story. It works great. You can download that one HERE.

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One of the most disgusting Talk Shows on the internet (Warning: Very Graphic)

talking shit with joe

I have to admit that taking a part of Talking Shit with Joe has been one of the most disgusting experiences I’ve suffered through in my career. Watch below at your own risk.

If you’d like for Joe to interview you, leave me a comment. Make sure you check out Joe’s website NOTHING BUTT ART

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List of People Caught Faking Their Deaths

people who have faked their death

Throughout history people have fake their deaths for a variety of reasons. In this list are some of the people who have tried faking their death, but have failed. Most have been caught due to their own stupidity and carelessness. Yet, there are countless more out there that never get caught.

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The beer I’m drinking in the beginning of the video is Tap Room No. 21 is absolutely delicious. Check it out.

On the list in the video above, one notorious personality not included is Tupac Shakur. Rumors of the rapper faking his death have been alive for years, yet there is no proof that he did indeed do it. Until the truth about his death is revealed, then it will all continue being rumors.

On this list in the video I do include:

  • Connie Franklin
  • Ken Kesey
  • Corey Taylor
  • Allison Matera
  • William Grothe
  • Aimee  McPherson
  • Gandaruban Subramaniam
  • Hugo Jose Sanchez
  • Bennie Wint

On a side note, recently I conducted an interview with Sean DeFrank who says his uncle was the cop that heard Tupac’s last words. You can check out that interview HERE.

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Got Sick off this Bavarian Style Hefeweizen from Trader Joe’s



I was looking forward to trying out this beer. Found it at Trader Joe’s on sale for about $6.99 for a six-pack.  It’s an unfiltered wheat beer. It actually tasted quite nice and smooth. It was late night and I fell asleep after drinking just one bottle. However, I woke up an hour later with extreme stomach pains and I even threw up. Took me a couple of days to fully recover.
This beer tastes great and has potential, but for me it really doesn’t settle well with my stomach.

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things i hate about the zodiac signs

These are some of the Things iHATE about the Zodiac Signs. As a matter of fact, all the zodiak signs suck. Also don’t miss the things iHATE about going to the DOCTOR and the things iHATE about my girlfriend.

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Rihanna Dissing Drake on “Needed Me” Song from her ANTI Album


rihannadrake1A lot of people think Rihanna’s “Needed Me” song is about Travis Scott — but it is not! This song is absolutely about Drake – who was always the one riding to Rihanna with a horse and carriage. This song may have been recorded a while ago, when they first stopped hanging out.

Read the lyrics below, and judge for yourself:

Needed Me Lyrics

[Intro: YG]
Mustard on the beat ho!

[Verse 1]
I was good on my own, that’s the way it was, that’s the way it was
You was good on the low for a faded fuck, on some faded love
Shit, what the fuck you complaining for?
Feeling jaded huh?
Used to trip off that shit I was kickin’ to you
Had some fun on the run though I give it to you

But baby, don’t get it twisted
You was just another nigga on the hit list
Tryna fix your inner issues with a bad bitch
Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage
Fuck your white horse and a carriage
Bet you never could imagine
Never told you you could have it

You needed me
Oooh, you needed me
To feel a little more, and give a little less
Know you hate to confess
But baby ooo, you needed me

[Verse 2]
You been rollin’ around, shit I’m rollin up
Light and roll it up
Break it down like a pound, shit was never us
Shit was never us
That’s the real on the real, are you serious?
How you feel, how you feel?
Used to trip off that shit I was kickin’ to ya
Had some fun on the run though, I give it to ya

But baby, don’t get it twisted
You was just another nigga on the hit list
Tryna fix your inner issues with a bad bitch
Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage
Fuck your white horse and a carriage
Bet you never could imagine
Never told you you could have it

You needed me
Oooh, you needed me
To feel a little more, and give a little less
Know you hate to confess
But baby ooo, you needed me

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Nathalie Paris Interview About her Plastic Surgery [VIDEO]

Nathalie Paris Interview

nathalie perez interviewNathalie Paris talks to Myrka Dellanos about being a Youtube star and how it’s not always as glamorous as it seems. In her most revealing interview ever, Nathalie addresses the bullying that comes with popularity and her plastic surgery critisms. Nathalie also opens up about her difficult childhood and the reason she came to the US from Colombia..

Here’s the interview:

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