Where and How to Find Motivation

Where do you find motivation? How do you find motivation? Is it an external force that you must find in the first place? Or is there a way to find such motivation from within ourselves? Listen or download the episode below and don’t forget to subscribe to the Artistic Wafare Podcast on iTunes.

Greg Kading Interview – LAPD officer in charge of the Tupac and Biggie murder investigations.

Greg Kading is the former LAPD officer in charge of the Tupac and Biggie murder investigations. In this interview he goes into details about the investigations, exploring topics as specific as allegations that Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs was the man who may have order Tupac’s murder. A lot of information is uncovered in this interview. Listen below.

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Be Careful Where You Get Advice

Advice is all the praise. Everyone advises that you should listen to advice. But all advice is not created equal. There’s some extremely bad advice out there. So there are some things you must analyze before taking any advice to heart.

Consider the Source

Is the source an authority on the advice being given? If you’re an airplane mechanic, and the person giving you advice is a Starbucks barista, you’re probably going to get sub-par advice. Perhaps a lucky tidbit from an outsider, but the fact is that they have no idea of what it is that you do. However, if you get advice from a master airplane mechanic with 40 years of experience, the probability of great advice is quite high.

NOTE: If you have financial problems, do not take advice from other people with financial problems. Broke people have the most free advice. Rich people won’t call you back.

Opinion vs. Practicality

Some people will give you their opinion as advice. That is NOT advice. Real advice has practicality, and it has real data to back it up. Don’t just take someone’s opinion as a road map to your success. You must really discern how is the advice being given can realistically be implemented in your plans.

Be Wary of Theories

Some people are full of theories. Even though they may be an expert in a particular field, they have theories they developed, but have never had the courage to implement. So they may try to pass those theories on to you, in the hopes that you implement them to see if they work. Don’t become anyone’s guinea pig. Your path is not anyone’s experiment. You don’t need advice to develop theories or put them in action. Or maybe you do. You’ll have to judge your own needs on a case by case basis.

Do you actually need advice?

That’s the question you must answer. One thing is being against listening to any advice. Yet, another thing is being open to ALL advice. You must become a flexible, but selective advice-seeker. Not all good advice is good for you. It will all come down to what your instincts tell you.

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Overcoming Fears, Having Courage

finding courage overcoming fear

Courage is simply being afraid of doing something, yet doing it anyway. A lot of our fears keep us from being the best we can be. Fears can stop us from achieving goals, growing as a person and it hinders us from finding peace and happiness.

When you overcome your fears, and you find a way to be courageous, you will:
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Inspire others around you
  • Set and accomplish bigger goals

This podcast episode is all about getting into the right state of courage in order to overcome your fears. Listen or download below and don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast on iTunes.

Your Comfort Zone Will Destroy You. Get Out Now! [Audio]

Being in a comfort zone is quite dangerous. When you’re in a comfort zone, you’re not growing. You’re stagnant. You must keep moving and growing. Life is about change. Comfort is about predictability. When you constantly look for that change that makes your uncomfortable, then you’re truly living.

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Lack of Opportunities for Black Latinos in Hollywood

black latinos in hollywood

Are there any opportunities Black Latinos in Hollywood? Not really. It’s a big problem no one talks about.

When your skin is dark, you’re labeled as “Black” in Hollywood. You have to be light-skinned enough to be considered a Latino, based on the availability of work in the industry. If your skin is a lighter brown, you may be labeled as an “indigenous”. These labels are quite harmful, and the worst part is that most of the people affected by these categorizations don’t even realize that they’re a victim of a racist classification system.

In this interview with the talented Nydia Simone – who hails from Panamanian decent – we explore a bit these issues and try to brainstorm some solutions to the problem. Solutions such as writing our own stories and taking charge in changing these cultural misperceptions.

10 Minutes of Hillary Clinton Unable to Stop Shaking Head

During a recent Bernie Sanders speech at one of her rallies, Hillary Clinton is unable to¬†stop shaking her head. At first glance, it looks like she’s shaking her head in agreement with Sanders, but after a few minutes of the same awkward head-shake movement, it becomes obvious that this shaking is involuntary.

Could¬†this involuntary head movement be a symptom of¬†Parkinson’s?

At times during the video she can be seen grabbing her chair with both hands, trying hard to stop shaking. Other times she’s seen taking a deep breath and concentrating on stopping the head movements.

Watch the video and judge for yourself.

In the above version, there’s no audio, and it’s been edited to only the parts of the head movement, which amount to about 10 minutes of shaking. If you’d like to take a look at the unedited version of Bernie Sander’s speech (Hillary Clinton Rally in Durham, New Hampshire (9/28/2016)), you can watch it here:¬†https://youtu.be/6DDgUBFRbJo

The similarities between Bill Clinton & Bill Cosby’s Rape Allegations

Bill Clinton was accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick in 1978

It is more than obvious that there are some real similarities between Bill Clinton &¬†Bill Cosby’s rape allegations. The question is, why is one of them pursued and demonized more than the other? Wouldn’t the fair thing be that either they both face the consequential music or they both don’t? Anybody in society without their power would have been in jail for way less!

Bill Clinton rape accusations surfaced back in 1978 by Juanita Broaddrick.

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Seattle’s Best Coffee Signature Blend “Dark Intense” Level 5

seattlesbest_darkcoffeeDark Intense Level 5

This is my review of Seattle’s Best Coffee Signature Blend “Dark Intense” Level 5 coffee. I still remember the days when coffee was just that… coffee. Marketing has taken the universality of dark gold and has built a hierarchy of brands, labels and now, levels?

Seattle’s Best Coffee has a product segment called “Signature Blend”. It breaks down their coffee roasts into levels. The packaging got me interested since it all seemed so official. I picked up a 12-ounce bag for about $6.99.

I actually enjoyed the flavor, although I think the packaging hyped it up a bit more than reality. It is strong, but not really. It’s probably strong for the brand, but for the “bold” coffee market, it’s probably on a lighter note.

If I was to generalize this particular coffee roast, I’d have to say it’s average. I don’t remember anything standing out about the flavor, but I also don’t remember anything being particularly bad.

This coffee is a good buy if you can find it on sale. Don’t expect anything spectacular, but you will also not be completely disappointed.

The Clinton Cold Chai Challenge #CCCC

The Clinton Cold Chai Challenge aka #CCCC is a donation-based dare that calls on people to drink Cold Chai Teas and have mild seizures. All proceeds benefit the Clinton Foundation.

Take the challenge today!