tupac alive 1000 haitians

1000 Haitians Report Seeing Tupac Shakur AFTER he was supposedly Dead?

tupac alive 1000 haitiansThere’s an urban legend out there that says that more than 1000 Haitians reported seeing Tupac Shakur alive in Haiti after he supposedly had died in Las Vegas. There are so many theories out there, that at this point it’s hard to know what fact or fiction. However, in the video below I breakdown some of 2pac’s “death” evidence that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Such as, Tupac’s assailants shooting him during a traffic-jammed fight weekend in Vegas and not get caught in traffic, Tupac’s fresh haircut in the autopsy picture (even though he’d been in the hospital for a week), Suge Knight paying 3 million dollars to cremate Tupac and other issues that don’t make much sense.

Check it out:

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