Banks Ripping People Off Twice

The feeling is mutual.
The feeling is mutual.

One time is not good enough, so therefore banks in the US need to find new ways to take hard-earned money from Americans each day.  Outrageous fees for services, and God save you if you happen to miscalculate and overdraw your account.  These banks have been taking advantage, specially of the poor in this country, by providing subpar service and products and charging interest for horrible loans and credit cards.

So that was not good enough.  Making billions and billions of dollars each years, profiting from the person who is in need of a credit card in order to rent a car.  These banks made cash a thing of the past, and have made anyone who actually uses cash to be some sort of suspicious caveman that does not know that the banks offer debit cards.  These banks made us to need them, or so we think.

There is no argument that banks have profited in the last fifty years quite a lot.  But now, they stand to profit again, mostly against our will, by taking our hard-payed tax dollars away from education and infrastructure and paying themselves for their biggest losses, if not the first ones, of the last century.

This is unfair and what’s even more unfair is that we do not have a choice.  Don’t call your representative in Washington, because even though the overwhelming majority of Americans do not approve of the 700 million dollar bailout for these rich banks, those people in Washington will make it happen regardless.  Why?  Because they feel the average American is too dumb to take care of him or herself.  They feel that we need Washington to protect the banks, so that we don’t lose our ATM cards.

The evidence for a bailout is being presented by the Bush administration, which are the same people who presented the evidence of weapons of mass destruction that Iraq was hiding.  Quite interesting that there is nothing anyone could do to stop such money going to the hands of a few men.  But I am only complaining because I am not one of them, if I was, I wouldn’t be writing about this, rather, I’d be convincing you how much we need this bailout.

So banks have ripped us off for years, and now they’ll do it again, this time even people that are not their customers will suffer.

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  1. I totally agree. Who can we get to help us the contant bank ripp-offs? It is just terrible. If you get overdrawn by $1 or $2, the banks will slap a 35.00 penalty on that. That is ridiculous!! And if you can’t pay that right away, they will charge you $3.00 per day, until the overdraft and the fees are paid. The goevernment needs to put an end to this. Who is out there that is concerned enough about the consumer to protect us?

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