Forgetting Sarah Palin

Lipstick is not the only kind of a woman's make up.

Rimless Kazuo Kawasaki 704 series’ glasses frame one of the most popular faces of the 2008 political campaign.  A real underdog with lipstick and all.  A femme phenomenon despised by other femme phenomenons, yet admired by the common housewife, hockey, soccer mom who believes in conservative values and God‘s will.

The victim of hacked emails and leftist conspiracies, which attempt to start a fire wherever there’s thick grey smoke.  The same smoke that destroys any chance of visibility or possibility for a find so great that it could possibly outweigh well mapped out words of action and an inconsistent track record.

A bridge to nowhere built on the promises of hope, and the claims of changing the Washington establishment, which makes or break any political career, past attempts tells us so. Marches of unity towards a free and sovereign Alaska, cold as a snow storm in the middle of a Russian winter, the result of the never ending erratic political climate.

Never asking for forgiveness as if wrongness is the result of perfection, stumbling over words that were meant so be said, taken out of context.  Attacks from the male chauvinistic media and envious counterparts grace the good morning’s from newspaper’s and blog’s front pages.

Speeches written by animal rights advocates, authors of entire book pieces dedicated to eradicate depredations of living organisms with independent movement and responsive sense organs.  When the cause is bigger, better, and better looking, careers come before ideals, and the truth is second to winning an argument.

Perception is golden, yet that which corresponds to fact or reality is scarce, using any means necessary becomes necessary, and the rewards are priceless, and only one in a lifetime.  Devoting the measurement of space in order to learn that which it is unknown, or even perceived to be truthful, in arrangement to confuse the ignorant and earn the respect of those in power.

Teenage pregnancies are nevertheless a great thing, when under God’s will, so be it.  A new life is born, and needs to be born, for many lives are being lost in what started as a way to make a living, has ended with the demise of human life, and the sacrifices of the body which may never be regained.

What is the point of a single vote, when many refuse to accept the fact of failure and continued degradation of what life used to be, spiraling down into the normality of what the rest of the world is used to?  Part-spoiled children, part dependency on receiving all of a broken heart’s desire, maintaining ourselves healed out of misery.

Never yes or no, always speaking for the American people, dodging question deemed to bring out backfiring answers of contentment or repercussions.  Doing what is told from the people whom tell it best, and smiling through hardship and confusion, keeps the admirer admiring, and the hateful rejoicing in anger.

How to  forget?  Time is the only dictator of that which is remembered, and purpose alone is not enough to not recall something forgotten.

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