Great TV Show Ideas That Got Turned Down

Here are some great TV shows ideas that didn’t make it…

CSI: ARIZONA – The crime here is looking like an immigrant.

CHECK INTO CASH – Game show where contestants get cash advances from their payroll checks.

SURVIVOR: JUAREZ – This is a ladies-only game show where no one might win.

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP NARCO – Only one contestant will survive to be Top Narco

THE APPRENTICE NARCO – You don’t get fired… you get fired at.


LLAMA LATINA – A show about llama farmers and their struggle to raise Spanish-speaking llamas.

DAY-LABORERS WIVES – Sort of like Basketball Wives, but different.

FAMILY GAY – The gay version of Family Guy.

COMPTON SHORE – Similar to Jersey Shore, but tougher.

THE CHAMBELAN – 16 contestants compete for a Quinceañera’s love. (Most of the contestants are over 18, and some are over 30 years old)

All these shows will be hosted by Mario Lopez.  There you have it.  If you have any good ideas of your own, make sure you post them here.  You never know, your idea may just become TV’s next big show.  Follow me on Twitter @qreyes and like me on Facebook.

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