Just Checking in with Me

I’m just freaking tired of waiting and waiting and I don’t even know why. I can probably type faster than anyone on the Blackberry and the amount of writing I do per month should probably be in the Guiness Book of world records.

Yet I don’t know why I do any of it. I struggle to pay my rent and bills every month. I continue to striggle as far as taking care of myself and family goes.

I trim my nails so that I can type faster. I learn shortcuts in whatever word processing program I’m using so that I can type even more. Still I feel like I’m missing something. What do I need to do to take my writting to another level. To realize my full potential.

There are a million things tpo write about and with time I plan to write about them all.

I continue looking for things that are fullfilling and keep finding that writing is the closest.

I’m going back to making myself a margarita and watching the game.

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