Low-Cash Recipes – How to Eat Great without Spending Great

People need to eat, and that’s a fact you can’t debunk. Yet, what happens when you get hungry and don’t have the funds to buy something to eat? Or what if you just don’t want to leave the comfort of your home when hunger strikes?

Well, here are some food ideas that hit the stomach and not the pocket. (Now, keep in mind we’re discussing simplicity at a low cost, so please no comments regarding nutritional value! Ha!)

Hot Dogs – You can probably find a pack of 8 for less than a buck.  Microwave a few of these bad boys and serve them in a folded slice of bread.  Top them with some ketchup from a fast food joint ketchup pack you may have leftover, hiding in a kitchen drawer somewhere.

Grilled Cheese – Get two slices of bread and put a slice of cheese in the middle.  Toast it on a skillet at medium-high heat or if there’s not a stove available, you could also use a clothing iron to toast it.  Just make sure you use a sturdy surface for best results.

Quesadillas – Same concept as the grilled cheese, except here you are putting a slice of cheese inside a folded tortilla.  Toast to taste.

Cup of Noodles – You can probably find these for way less than fifty cents at your local grocery market.  These soups already come ready, you just need to add hot water.  If you want to impress a date, you can also add pieces of ham and a little lemon juice.  For those of you who like spicy you can also add hot sauce to this budget delicacy.

Rice – If you can cook rice, you are the master of your own destiny.  Rice can be paired up with any food you can cook.  Not only is rice inexpensive and readily available at your local market, but it will also fill you up for a while.  In some countries if you have plain white rice and some ketchup packets, you are eating a meal for kings.

Eggs – The incredible edible egg is nothing less than the greatest inexpensive way to feel like you’re eating a great meal.  There are so many good ways to cook eggs that it may take you many days to get tired of them.  For less than a couple of bucks per dozen, you will have your week set for countless creative ways to cook this chicken byproduct.  Try sunny side up, or scrambled or if you want to take it one step up in the gourmet ladder, put a fried egg on top of some white rice and I bet you can see heaven from your plate.

Eat any of these foods accompanied by an ice-cold Coke (or Shasta, or whatever brand is cheapest), and that’s how you eat great without spending great.  Feel free to add your own Low-Cash Recipes to this list.

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