McCain’s Temper Out Of Control: Caught Cursing During Debate (VIDEO)

John Mccain says "horseshit" during debate.

John McCain maverick-ism might be getting the best of him, and lately the pressure seems to make a dent on his rationality.  On the nationally broadcasted presidential debate last Friday, McCain can be heard clearly cursing when Barrack Obama brought out the fact that the Republican nominee would refuse to meet with Spain.

The FCC’s strict regulations of language used by broadcast networks, especially during prime-time, forbids the use of some of the words that McCain can be heard clearly uttering.  The lack of action regarding this matter shows an absence of consistency on the side of the FCC when it comes to regulating such situations.  This precedent now allows anyone on television at any time to say the words “horseshit” as they please, since this is what a frustrated John McCain did during the high-rated presidential debate.

McCain really got away with one here.

Watch the video:


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