McCain’s “Voter Registration Fraud” Get Out Of Jail Card

John McCain will stop at nothing to win, even if it takes screaming "foul" after the elections.

The organization Acorn has been accused of voter registration fraud.  A lot of the phony registrations benefit Democrats.  So why is the McCain campaign not pushing this story?

Could a good answer to this question be that the McCain campaign is saving their “voter fraud” card, until after the election?  If not, then why concentrate on a far connection between Bill Ayers and Obama, and not on the story that could affect the outcome of the election and possibly the integrity of democracy?

The McCain campaign is not stupid.  They will wait this out until after the election.  They will encourage fraud among the Democrat registrations and hopefully there are enough cases to put Obama over the top.  The reasoning behind this, is that after Obama wins, they will take this issue to the courts.

The courts, as historically proven with the Gore/Bush election, will meddle in the affairs of our democratic ways, and rule that McCain was the victim of a rigged election, and crown him president of the United States.

This is an unfortunate fact, and the Obama campaign must put an end to this, and ensure that voter registration fraud is halted, for the better of the election.  Nothing is worse than a questionable win.  Once this happens, it is hard to clean up the smear, if you get to win in the first place.

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