Sarah Palin Dismisses Tradition After Debate

Sarah Palin dismisses the traditional vice-president nominee response to the presidential debate.
Something smells fishy.
Something smells fishy.

The silent response of vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin was deafening, and breaks from the traditional debate commentary usually offered by such nominee.  All requests for Sarah Palin’s opinion regarding who won the debate were declined, probably due to the fact that the John McCain campaign cannot have her written statements ready in that short of time.

I am sure that in a couple of days, statement guru, Sarah Palin, will grace a random reporter with a random comment about the debates.  Maybe “John McCain is a maverick because he hates Russia and Spain” will not be the exact wording used by her, but something similar along those lines is not inside the realm of impossibility.

The GOP might have thought that Sarah Palin would be their brainwashing warmongering propaganda vehicle, only to be unpleasantly surprised by all the clean-up needed every time she makes a statement or grants an interview.

Maybe, just maybe, if Sarah Palin does not say another word in public until election time, people will forget about her.  However, it will be truly difficult to forget the energizer and unifier of the Republican party?  At first, Democrats did not know what hit them, which has turned to be the best thing since sliced moose.

I say let Sarah loose and let her entertain the American people!  I think Sarah Palin is a lot funnier than Tina Fey, and she’s not even trying!

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