Seattle’s Best Coffee Signature Blend “Dark Intense” Level 5

seattlesbest_darkcoffeeDark Intense Level 5

This is my review of Seattle’s Best Coffee Signature Blend “Dark Intense” Level 5 coffee. I still remember the days when coffee was just that… coffee. Marketing has taken the universality of dark gold and has built a hierarchy of brands, labels and now, levels?

Seattle’s Best Coffee has a product segment called “Signature Blend”. It breaks down their coffee roasts into levels. The packaging got me interested since it all seemed so official. I picked up a 12-ounce bag for about $6.99.

I actually enjoyed the flavor, although I think the packaging hyped it up a bit more than reality. It is strong, but not really. It’s probably strong for the brand, but for the “bold” coffee market, it’s probably on a lighter note.

If I was to generalize this particular coffee roast, I’d have to say it’s average. I don’t remember anything standing out about the flavor, but I also don’t remember anything being particularly bad.

This coffee is a good buy if you can find it on sale. Don’t expect anything spectacular, but you will also not be completely disappointed.

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