is your spouse competitng with you

Spousal Competition: Is Your Spouse Subconsciously In Competition With You?

In the intricate dance of relationships, it’s tempting to believe that those closest to us always have our best interests at heart. Yet, beneath the surface of that intimacy often lies an unexpected undercurrent: competition, the primal force of survival. We witness it in the rivalries between siblings, and yes, it’s very much present within the dynamics of marriage.

It’s not that your partner doesn’t wish for your success; rather, it’s the realization that your triumphs can stir up their own insecurities. Your ascent toward achievement may unwittingly cast shadows of doubt upon them, igniting a subtle yet palpable competition for attention and validation. Suddenly, they might clamor for more of your time and focus as they grapple with their own feelings of inadequacy in the face of your ambition.

In this captivating episode, Keu Reyes delves deep into the nuances of spousal competition, offering invaluable insights to help you navigate this complex terrain. Tune in as he shares astute observations and practical strategies designed to illuminate whether your partner is indeed vying for supremacy in the relationship.

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