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Take your career in Hollywood to the next level – Hollywood Creative Forum – Walter Kaitz Foundation

hollywood creative forumI’ve just got back from the Walter Kaitz Foundation 2-day event here in Los Angeles, and as usual, it was phenomenal! If you’re a professional of color or a woman in Hollywood then you have to know about this program.

First, the Walter Kaitz Foundation is an organization with the goal to advance the contributions of women and multi-ethnic professionals in cable. Basically actors, writers, producers, etc. They support other organizations that diversify Hollywood, as well as put together programs such as the Hollywood Creative Forum – which is an outstanding program that can really give you a leg up if you’re interested in taking your entertainment industry career to the next level.

During the program you get set up with quick meetings with a diversity of cable networks, and if you play your cards right, these quick meetings can turn into jobs and projects produced. All these 15-minute or so meetings take place on the same day, under the same roof. It’s amazing the kind of networking done in such a conductive environment.

bill duke hollywood creative forum
Bill Duke candidly discusses the current status of minorities in Hollywood during a panel at the forum.

For more information on the Hollywood Creative Forum or the Walter Kaitz Foundation program – check out their website http://www.walterkaitz.org

Below I leave you with a short impromptu interview I was fortunate to record with Michelle Ray – who is Deputy Executive Director of the Walter Kaitz Foundation.

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