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When is it time to set new goals?

I feel happy and accomplished. Thats one of the main giveaways that it’s time to set new goals. Yet, what if there was an app that would do this for you? An app that can look at your life and make decisions on your goals – without asking you. An app that can take all of your past decisions and come up with an algorithm of change and growth. Well that app already exists – and it’s been downloaded free into your own consciousness.

You can use this app whenever you want, and you can look at your history, your past decisions, your old goals, your achievements, your entire life experience, and it can set a new course of action for you. Yet, the app sometimes is buggy. It can freeze or it can take you to uncomfortable places in your memory. It can also not show you all of your history, since it may choose to protect you from your own past actions. The app needs updating once in a while.

But once that app is at its best, it is the reason you are able to set goals and do what you do. When you turn off your mind – which is the app that I speak of – you’ll just aimlessly keep traveling through life. But your mind is the GPS app that doesn’t need a phone with full battery. You literally have access to to it as you please. You can set your goals, you can accomplish them all from your mind.

Use your app! Feed your app. Search from within your app. Look at your memories, your history, make decisions based on the information you have about yourself. Change your behaviors and patterns based on what you already know. Your intuition won’t lead you astray, and your mind will guide you every step. If you don’t use your own mind, you’ll use someone else’s mind and you will help them get to where they need to go. It is up to you.

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