Wrapped up Cesar Lizardo Amarte Mas Music Video

cesar lizardo amarte masJust wrapped up Cesar Lizardo’s “Amarte Mas” bachata – merengue mix music video and I can’t be anything more than grateful for everyone that help me make this come true. First, want to thank Cesar for going with the flow. It’s a great song, its creative and it hits both bachata and merengue at the right times. Cesar is a pro who didn’t need more direction. He already had a vision quite clear and that made all the difference in the world.

First I couldn’t do it without the non-stop help of Osiris Ley. Oh my G, this girl is like a high-IQ energizer bunny that keeps me going. If there’s work to be done, she won’t go to sleep until is done. Keeps me going, because she supports all the craziness that comes and goes out of my brain. Words can’t describe how this person makes my world better.

Rene Aguirre is my go to producer, DP, and whatever else needs to get a production done right. Rene makes my crazy ideas come to life. He’ll laugh at my idea, then figures out a way to make it happen. I’m sure I couldn’t get it done without his help, creativity, and technical know-how. Another person that comes in and saves the day is Silvio Morales, who is a team player down to do whatever it takes to get the shot. Silvio is probably one of the best production people you can have on the set, because you can count that he will have your back.

This video would never have been the same if it wasn’t for the always on point (in every sense) of the beautiful Aida Rodriguez. I call her up with a crazy idea, and she is just down to make it happen. Can’t ask for a better attitude in a person or a more professional attitude in an artist. Aida is funny, but I smile because I know she’s a lot more than that. Follow her on Twitter @FunnyAida and keep up, cause she’s got A LOT about to pop off. Mark my words, she’s on her way! (And deservingly so)

I’m so tired right now, but I want to make sure I thank every single person that made this happened. Musician/Dancer/Choreographer extraordinare, Alejandro Sol with the choreography to the very special Ñaqui-Ñaqui Dance in the video.  Have to thank the talented and patient dancers Jerry, Maribel, Rosie and Jason.

Also the make-artist Virginia Soto, quick, professional and made things happen without problem. Definitively a professional in all accounts and will for sure constantly work in this industry.  Also my men Brandon Juezan-Williams and Fernie Rosales who brought to life the brand new Rompechata (a mix of bachata and breakdancing) and also Romperengue (a mixture of merengue and breakdancing). Dopeness! I can’t describe it. You just have to see these talented dudes get down. Amazing.

Gotta give a special thanks to Alondra Ley who did a little bit of everything during production, from dancing and coordinating to keeping a second pair of eyes on the production for me. Also a big ups to Miriam and Angena for being our Caribbean dancers for the day. They did a great job for an impromptu performance.

BUT, and that’s a big BUT… Have to say that Jose Navarrete PUT – IT – DOWN. Jose is a little person that is not little at all. His attitude is HUGE. A true trooper that kept working, no matter what. I’m sure this is a person I will not only use in many more productions to come, but will definitively refer to other people as a hard working, down to earth, talented individual. Oh, and did I mention his dance moves? Nah, ya’ll have to wait for the video coming very soon.

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