John McCain is as charismatic as a house plant.

I’m very aware of the politics around me, but I attempt to be political only with those around me that I trust.  That’s why I’m posting a blog for the world to read.

We all have agendas and some of us carry them out quietly or publicly, but you have to be a fucking idiot to vote for another Republican after looking at the state of our economy in this country and around the world.

John McCain is worse than George Bush, and is even more clueless to what’s going on than Bush, himself.  John McCain’s campaign copies every single thing that works for the Obama campaign.  They are thieves.  They can’t come up with their own material.  McCain is just a puppet, and not a very good one at that.

Obama wanted to bring CHANGE…. Now McCain wants to bring CHANGE.  Obama wants to help the economy, the middle class, and the planet… now McCain wants to do the same.  Stealing is not an attribute of a leader and change-bringer.  McCain is literally plagiarizing from Obama.

I wish Obama would sue McCain for stealing the “Change” slogan.  How could he steal someone else’s work right in front of people’s faces, and people would still vote for him?

Obama always talks about what’s going on, FIRST… whether it’d be a hurricane devastating people’s lives, or the economy.  Then, a McCain speech follows right after, copying word for word what Obama just said.   McCain’s campaign is as creative as a doorknob.  All they do is take notes from Obama, change the order, and McCain reads the words with the delivery of a second-grader.

The lack of creativity and originality in the McCain campaign is a clear picture of what the old conservatives want.  Conservatives started to rally back in the eighteen-hundreds when they wanted to “conserve” slavery – hence the word “conservative”.  They lost that battle, but they are still trying to “conserve” their racist and elitist values.

Conservatives are NOT the superior race, contrary to what they believe.  Besides, being liberal means to bring about freedom.  Conservatives, or better known today as Republicans, try to use the word “liberal” as if it’s something bad, when “conservative” is linked to so many more bad attributes.

If you are planning to vote Republican, then you deserve what’s coming to you.

If you want to continue wasting billions of dollars in a war that keeps killing nineteen-year-olds, specially from the poor neighborhoods that don’t have a voice; and, if you want to keep paying higher and higher gas prices, and see more and more home foreclosures, and the richer getting richer, John McCain and all his friends getting richer, then go ahead and vote Republican.

If you want a vice-president that is as bright as an unlit dark closet during a rainy night, and you want to lose your job due to rising unemployment, and you want your family to lose their jobs, and you want slavery to be reinstated, and your first-born sacrificed in the Iraq war when he’s old enough, then vote Republican.

I’m not saying that Obama is perfect, but at least he can communicate.  How can John McCain communicate with leaders from around the world, when his speeches sound like a cheap course for learning English?  His charisma and sense of humor is as sharp as a circle, and his smile is a genuine as Sarah Palin’s personality.

I guess Republicans are right.  People are idiots.  The rest of the world is laughing so hard at us.  They are happy we’re going down.

Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  So go ahead and vote Republican.  Maybe this time it will be different.

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