Month: March 2015

Asi AMAMOS Los Boricuas [VIDEO]

brenda lamberty asi amamos los boricuas

The truth is that if you don’t speak Spanish, you won’t understand this video at all. Further, if you’re not Boricua (aka Puertorican) you most likely won’t understand this video neither. Here is another installment of the “Asi Hablamos Los

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Iggy Azalea owned by SNL Comedy Sketch [VIDEO]

iggy azalea saturday night live

I thought this Iggy Azalea SNL sketch had its funny parts. I thought the T.I. part could have been a bit funnier or should of had more substance. But overall the Iggy raps are on point. Check it out:

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Understanding Women’s Emotion

women emotions

If you think you understand women’s emotions, you’re absolutely wrong. The complexity of the female mind and her expanding connection to her ever-changing feelings will make it nearly impossible to predict, let alone understand. In this episode I discuss a

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I Need to Get Back in Shape

I’ve been kicking it hard the last few years with bare minimum exercise and eating whatever I want, when I want. In my mind I want to change, but my actions say different. In this The Keu Reyes Project Podcast

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Is Kasinova Lying About Tupac?

kasinova tupac

Recently I was able to interview Kasinova Tha Don, you can listen to that interview here. Here in this podcast episode I breakdown what I thought of that interview. Don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast in iTunes. Play

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Is the “La Chancla” video game fun or racist?

la chancla video game

There’s a new video game called “La Chancla” with Latino-culture-based characters. Some people say it’s full of negative stereotypes while other people think it’s just a fun game to just be entertained. I’m in the latter group. I think this

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