Propaganda de Donald Trump Revela lo que de Verdad Piensan los Americanos de los Inmigrantes Latinos

anais salazar

La propaganda de Donald Trump revela lo que de verdad piensan los Estadounidenses de los inmigrantes Latinos. Anais Salzar entrevista al antropólogo cultural, el profesor Ysamur Flores de Otis College.

Tocando los temas:

  • Quienes fueron los primeros inmigrantes en América?
  • Adam y Eva los primeros inmigrantes?
  • Que diferencia hay entre los inmigrantes Latinos y los inmigrantes Europeos?
  • Reservaciones indígenas son naciones soberanas.
  • La 14a Enmienda (14th Amendment)

Straight Outta Compton NWA Movie Conspiracy [PODCAST]

Why were the White writers of the Straight Outta Compton chosen? This is one of the questions that we explore in this podcast episode. Listen below, and make sure you subscribe on iTunes.

Proof that N.W.A. created by the Government and the Prison Industry?

nwaHere we go with the conspiracy theories, but with the new Straight Outta Compton movie’s success, it’s not a bad thing to re-open some of the old rumors and see how valid they may or may not be. A question has been raised of “Why are the Straight Outta Compton Writers White?” – but looking in deeper, why does N.W.A exist – period?

A few years ago, someone in the music industry anonymously wrote a letter detailing the creation of the Gangsta Rap culture was part of a plan to increase prison populations, therefore increasing profits. We all know that the more inmates a prison has, then the more money it makes. So how do you increase your prison population in order to make more money? Well, allegedly the creation of NWA was part of the plan.  Here I leave you with the original letter that was written. You be the judge if the author of the letter is telling the truth, or if it’s just some weirdo that had nothing better to do than to write a long letter trying to tarnish the prison industry’s reputation.

Here it is:


After more than 20 years, I’ve finally decided to tell the world what I witnessed in 1991, which I believe was one of the biggest turning point in popular music, and ultimately American society. I have struggled for a long time weighing the pros and cons of making this story public as I was reluctant to implicate the individuals who were present that day. So I’ve simply decided to leave out names and all the details that may risk my personal well being and that of those who were, like me, dragged into something they weren’t ready for.

Between the late 80’s and early 90’s, I was what you may call a “decision maker” with one of the more established company in the music industry. I came from Europe in the early 80’s and quickly established myself in the business. The industry was different back then. Since technology and media weren’t accessible to people like they are today, the industry had more control over the public and had the means to influence them anyway it wanted. This may explain why in early 1991, I was invited to attend a closed door meeting with a small group of music business insiders to discuss rap music’s new direction. Little did I know that we would be asked to participate in one of the most unethical and destructive business practice I’ve ever seen.

The meeting was held at a private residence on the outskirts of Los Angeles. I remember about 25 to 30 people being there, most of them familiar faces. Speaking to those I knew, we joked about the theme of the meeting as many of us did not care for rap music and failed to see the purpose of being invited to a private gathering to discuss its future. Among the attendees was a small group of unfamiliar faces who stayed to themselves and made no attempt to socialize beyond their circle. Based on their behavior and formal appearances, they didn’t seem to be in our industry. Our casual chatter was interrupted when we were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement preventing us from publicly discussing the information presented during the meeting. Needless to say, this intrigued and in some cases disturbed many of us. The agreement was only a page long but very clear on the matter and consequences which stated that violating the terms would result in job termination. We asked several people what this meeting was about and the reason for such secrecy but couldn’t find anyone who had answers for us. A few people refused to sign and walked out. No one stopped them. I was tempted to follow but curiosity got the best of me. A man who was part of the “unfamiliar” group collected the agreements from us.

Quickly after the meeting began, one of my industry colleagues (who shall remain nameless like everyone else) thanked us for attending. He then gave the floor to a man who only introduced himself by first name and gave no further details about his personal background. I think he was the owner of the residence but it was never confirmed. He briefly praised all of us for the success we had achieved in our industry and congratulated us for being selected as part of this small group of “decision makers”. At this point I begin to feel slightly uncomfortable at the strangeness of this gathering. The subject quickly changed as the speaker went on to tell us that the respective companies we represented had invested in a very profitable industry which could become even more rewarding with our active involvement. He explained that the companies we work for had invested millions into the building of privately owned prisons and that our positions of influence in the music industry would actually impact the profitability of these investments. I remember many of us in the group immediately looking at each other in confusion. At the time, I didn’t know what a private prison was but I wasn’t the only one. Sure enough, someone asked what these prisons were and what any of this had to do with us. We were told that these prisons were built by privately owned companies who received funding from the government based on the number of inmates. The more inmates, the more money the government would pay these prisons. It was also made clear to us that since these prisons are privately owned, as they become publicly traded, we’d be able to buy shares. Most of us were taken back by this. Again, a couple of people asked what this had to do with us. At this point, my industry colleague who had first opened the meeting took the floor again and answered our questions. He told us that since our employers had become silent investors in this prison business, it was now in their interest to make sure that these prisons remained filled. Our job would be to help make this happen by marketing music which promotes criminal behavior, rap being the music of choice. He assured us that this would be a great situation for us because rap music was becoming an increasingly profitable market for our companies, and as employee, we’d also be able to buy personal stocks in these prisons. Immediately, silence came over the room. You could have heard a pin drop. I remember looking around to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and saw half of the people with dropped jaws. My daze was interrupted when someone shouted, “Is this a f****** joke?” At this point things became chaotic. Two of the men who were part of the “unfamiliar” group grabbed the man who shouted out and attempted to remove him from the house. A few of us, myself included, tried to intervene. One of them pulled out a gun and we all backed off. They separated us from the crowd and all four of us were escorted outside. My industry colleague who had opened the meeting earlier hurried out to meet us and reminded us that we had signed agreement and would suffer the consequences of speaking about this publicly or even with those who attended the meeting. I asked him why he was involved with something this corrupt and he replied that it was bigger than the music business and nothing we’d want to challenge without risking consequences. We all protested and as he walked back into the house I remember word for word the last thing he said, “It’s out of my hands now. Remember you signed an agreement.” He then closed the door behind him. The men rushed us to our cars and actually watched until we drove off.

A million things were going through my mind as I drove away and I eventually decided to pull over and park on a side street in order to collect my thoughts. I replayed everything in my mind repeatedly and it all seemed very surreal to me. I was angry with myself for not having taken a more active role in questioning what had been presented to us. I’d like to believe the shock of it all is what suspended my better nature. After what seemed like an eternity, I was able to calm myself enough to make it home. I didn’t talk or call anyone that night. The next day back at the office, I was visibly out of it but blamed it on being under the weather. No one else in my department had been invited to the meeting and I felt a sense of guilt for not being able to share what I had witnessed. I thought about contacting the 3 others who wear kicked out of the house but I didn’t remember their names and thought that tracking them down would probably bring unwanted attention. I considered speaking out publicly at the risk of losing my job but I realized I’d probably be jeopardizing more than my job and I wasn’t willing to risk anything happening to my family. I thought about those men with guns and wondered who they were? I had been told that this was bigger than the music business and all I could do was let my imagination run free. There were no answers and no one to talk to. I tried to do a little bit of research on private prisons but didn’t uncover anything about the music business’ involvement. However, the information I did find confirmed how dangerous this prison business really was. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Eventually, it was as if the meeting had never taken place. It all seemed surreal. I became more reclusive and stopped going to any industry events unless professionally obligated to do so. On two occasions, I found myself attending the same function as my former colleague. Both times, our eyes met but nothing more was exchanged.

As the months passed, rap music had definitely changed direction. I was never a fan of it but even I could tell the difference. Rap acts that talked about politics or harmless fun were quickly fading away as gangster rap started dominating the airwaves. Only a few months had passed since the meeting but I suspect that the ideas presented that day had been successfully implemented. It was as if the order has been given to all major label executives. The music was climbing the charts and most companies when more than happy to capitalize on it. Each one was churning out their very own gangster rap acts on an assembly line. Everyone bought into it, consumers included. Violence and drug use became a central theme in most rap music. I spoke to a few of my peers in the industry to get their opinions on the new trend but was told repeatedly that it was all about supply and demand. Sadly many of them even expressed that the music reinforced their prejudice of minorities.

I officially quit the music business in 1993 but my heart had already left months before. I broke ties with the majority of my peers and removed myself from this thing I had once loved. I took some time off, returned to Europe for a few years, settled out of state, and lived a “quiet” life away from the world of entertainment. As the years passed, I managed to keep my secret, fearful of sharing it with the wrong person but also a little ashamed of not having had the balls to blow the whistle. But as rap got worse, my guilt grew. Fortunately, in the late 90’s, having the internet as a resource which wasn’t at my disposal in the early days made it easier for me to investigate what is now labeled the prison industrial complex. Now that I have a greater understanding of how private prisons operate, things make much more sense than they ever have. I see how the criminalization of rap music played a big part in promoting racial stereotypes and misguided so many impressionable young minds into adopting these glorified criminal behaviors which often lead to incarceration. Twenty years of guilt is a heavy load to carry but the least I can do now is to share my story, hoping that fans of rap music realize how they’ve been used for the past 2 decades. Although I plan on remaining anonymous for obvious reasons, my goal now is to get this information out to as many people as possible. Please help me spread the word. Hopefully, others who attended the meeting back in 1991 will be inspired by this and tell their own stories. Most importantly, if only one life has been touched by my story, I pray it makes the weight of my guilt a little more tolerable.

Thank you.

That’s the letter there. Seems like a movie plotline. Who knows if it’s true or not. Unless the person that wrote it has the courage to come forward.

Meek Mill vs. Drake Beef Distraction While People Getting Killed By Police

meek mill drake beef

meek mill drake beefSo this past week was all about the Drake vs. Meek Beef – which served as a distraction from the real issue out there… POLICE SHOOTINGS in particular. While we were all paying attention to the soap opera of rap beefs, police shootings rose to an all-time high. We need to talk about it, and we do in this episode.

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Leave Donald Trump Alone! (here’s why)

leave donald trump alone

Donald Trump currently is a candidate for the US Presidency. He has also been untactfully spewing stereotypes regarding Latinos – Mexicans to be specific. Yet, even though whatever he may be saying is outrageous, should he be censored? Should people make him shut up because they don’t agree with him? Or do we supposedly live in a country where free speech reigns supreme?

Here in this video are my thoughts regarding that…

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The Dominican vs. Hatian conflict is deeper than you think

dominican haitian conflict

Haiti-DRPeople in the world either don’t understand or care that Haiti is disputably the poorest country in the world. The Dominican Republic may not be as bad, but it is still considered a third world country. But ask yourself, why would these small countries, so close to the continental United States, go through so much suffering? The United States sends plenty of help to countries that are continents away, yet seems to turn a blind eye to a small island that is just a few miles away.

The answer is simple: The island of Hispaniola (Which is half-Haiti and half-Dominican Republic) doesn’t have enough resources for the world to care. It comes down to simple economics and a sprinkle of racism.haiti-kids1

Haiti and the Dominican Republic are mostly Black; descendants of African slaves brought to the island to be shipped off to different parts of America (the island became a major slavery distribution center of the times). This is the same Hispaniola island that was the first piece of land Christopher Columbus set foot in when he first arrived in America.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic together have one of the most rich histories of any countries in the world. From the Natives that lived there before the Europeans arrived and wiped them out, all the way to the present day, when the conflict between the two nations is alive and well.

So what are the Haitians and Dominicans fighting about? They’re fighting for a better life. Bottom line. It’s not a matter of racism (even though it’s huge factor), it’s a matter of hopelessness, a sense of treachery and abandonment.haitian deportation

These two countries are fighting years of slavery, colonialism, massacres, oppression, and a number of other catastrophes, some caused by nature, but most created by men.

How do you get over hundreds of years of destruction, without holding any animosity or bad blood?

The world is mostly blind to the fact that there are people suffering there. The United States jumps continents to help people all over the world, but there seems to be little assistance being sent over to Haiti, even though the country is just a few miles away from the continental US.

Is there the possibility that Haiti and the Dominican Republic are not worth the trouble because they don’t have any petroleum or diamonds? Could it be racism? Do Haitian lives matter? Do Dominican lives matter? The proof is in the pudding: The world doesn’t care!

I feel very passionate about this because I feel we all live in a country full of hypocrites. People who preach one thing, but don’t practice their own sermon. We’re all brothers and sisters in this planet, yet we’re so brainwash to believe that we’re different. That somehow one race is better than the other. It’s all part of the manipulation and the “divide and conquer” philosophy at a global scale.

If we don’t start realizing the truth that lies right in front of our eyes, then we will never evolve as human beings.

I continue discussing this issue at length on my video podcast iTHINK <– Check it out.

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The Gun Control Alternative [Podcast]

gun control alternative

gun control alternativeIs the prohibition of firearms the real solution to gun violence in the United States? We discuss this topic on this episode.

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Gun Control Hype – The Solution to Gun Violence

gun control

guncontrolWhy are people in the United States so gun-ho over Gun Control? Do you really think that making guns illegal will keep kids safe? Do you think outlawing guns will solve mass murders? If you believe all that gun control hype, then you obviously have not done your research.

Did you know it’s illegal for a citizen to own a gun in Mexico? Yes, that’s right. Guns are illegal in Mexico! Did you know that mass murders still take place in Mexico? Did you know gun violence is still rampant in many parts of Mexico, in spite of guns being outlawed? So we want to follow in the Mexican footsteps?

Recently, a knife-wielding terror attack took place in China killing 28 people. Should we outlaw knives, too? We might as well, so that we don’t take any chances. How about drunk-driving car accidents? A lot of people are killed in drunk-driving car crashes. We should make those illegal. Heart attacks kill people. Cancer kills people. Do we make Earthquakes and Tsunamis illegal? Why don’t we just make death itself illegal and be done with it?

Gun violence has no simple solution, but gun control is NOT the solution. Gun control already exists. You just can’t go buy a gun at 7-11 and be done with it. There already are laws and regulations to owning a gun. But if you think crazy people care about laws and regulations, then you’re crazy, yourself.

Besides, if we outlaw guns for citizens, then police and the army shouldn’t have them either, right? Why would they need them? No one would have a gun, so they would have no need to have guns themselves. What if some crazy cop or army guy goes on a gun rampage? Well, too late for that. It happens all the time. Yet police or army don’t want to get rid of THEIR guns; they want to get rid of YOUR gun. It’s easier to kill or control you when you can’t defend  yourself.

There are a million ways to die. Some people will die from diabetes, others will die from some derange lunatic with a gun. To avoid dying from diabetes, you need to control your diet, prior to getting diabetes. To avoid dying from a derange lunatic with a gun, you need to control the derange lunatic, BEFORE he goes on a rampage. And if you think taking his gun away will stop him from killing people, then you have even more research to do. Did you know that crazy people drive their cars into crowded boardwalks trying to cause mayhem and kill people? All around the world, insane lunatics launch their cars into crowds for no apparent reason. Should we get some car-control going? Maybe outlawing cars?

We need to stop being ridiculous with the gun control agenda. Instead, let’s focus on the things we CAN actually change.

This isn’t the first time I touch this subject. Read my previous rants about this:

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Lalo Alcaraz Should Have His Own Show [AUDIO]

The FOX network tries to make it seem as if the show “Bordertown” is really Lalo Alcaraz’ show. That’s false. Bordertown was created by Mark Hentemann and it’s under Seth MacFarlane’s umbrella. However, Lalo SHOULD have his own show, without anyone ‘babysitting’ his content. I hope my wish comes true one day sooner than later.

Lalo may even be already in the works according to this tweet:

lalo alcaraz tweet

Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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Seth MacFarlane’s Bordertown…


bordertown is racistIs Bordertown Racist? Excuse my Spanish, but… What the f*** does Seth MacFarlane know about living at the border? What the f*** does Mark Hentemann know about being Mexican? If you don’t know, these are the executive producers of the Fox animated series “Bordertown.” Two White guys, that even White guys think they’re “too White”.

In this entertainment industry not too many people know the truth, let alone tell it. I used to not speak up because I was afraid how it could affect me one day.  I’m done!  F*** it!!! They can’t keep manipulating the growing majority of the population with sub-par attempts at ridicule disguising it under the “it’s funny” umbrella of stereotypical stupidity.

Why did Fox think that the Whitest guy they know can produce a show that features a Mexican family living at the border? Well, it’s the same Fox that thought that Seth MacFarlane could also produce the “The Cleveland Show”, which featured a Black family living in Virginia. <<- You can read all about my beef with that show here as well.

Look, I really like Family Guy. It’s one of my favorite shows. But I don’t like it because it’s a “White” show… instead, I love it because it’s an “anti-establishment” show. Family Guy is about a White family living the way they want to live, and it’s usually wrong — and that’s hilarious! But that show is funny because it has something “real” to the concept. It lives within certain parameters of truth. Real stereotypes are funny. I’m all for ridiculing stereotypes in order to show how dumb they really are at times.

But an issue I have with a show like this Bordertown, is that they’ve engaged real, talented Latinos to be a part of it, in order to give “validity” to their degenerate proposition of entertainment. Talented, gifted Latinos in the likes of Lalo Alcaraz (click here to listen to my interview with Lalo), Gustavo Arellano and Valentina Garza fall into the ONLY opportunity out there to reach the mainstream. Unfortunately, this Bordertown show is NOT THEIR SHOW! Their power is limited and their creative prowess is stumped by the real players behind the curtain – MacFarlane and Hentemann.

But what did you expect? It’s not Lalo, Gustavo or Valentina’s fault. They have no choice! Fox would never give them their own show. There’s not a network out there brave, or willing, enough to give real Latinos a platform to reach millions and millions of viewers – all on their own. That would never happen!! They always need that ‘all-powerful White image’ to supervise what they’re doing, and with good reason — because imagine the political implications of real issues being brought to light through comedy and entertainment??? Hmmm… Elections are won or lost through these platforms. Real Latinos have no place in creating the real content, or so think the big Networks. Instead, they’re given “associate producer” or “consulting producer” or “bullshit-taker” positions in order to appease all the real Latinos that will be offended by this garbage being put out.

LATINOS: “This is a racist show!”

NETWORK: “This can’t be a racist show, because Lalo Alcaraz is a part of it!”

I see right through all the smoke and mirrors and I hope smart Latinos will, too. In fact, I hope this Bordertown show is funny and successful and goes on for many seasons so that at least Lalo, Gustavo and Valentina can get paid! <–That’s about all the good I see coming out of this Bordertown project.

My point? This show is garbage. I’ve actually have read the scripts for the show, and trust me, it’s worse than what it looks like.

Funny, how the show its supposed to be funny, but the real joke is on the audience.

I had a chance to interview Lalo Alcaraz, click here for the interview. I’m out.

I leave you the trailer here in case you enjoy their attempt…

Is the “La Chancla” video game fun or racist?

la chancla video game

There’s a new video game called “La Chancla” with Latino-culture-based characters. Some people say it’s full of negative stereotypes while other people think it’s just a fun game to just be entertained. I’m in the latter group. I think this game is great, for more reasons than one.

First of all, the creator is a Latino – Erik Garcia. Erik developed this game based on what he knows, on how he grew up and for good or bad, based on reality. Getting hit by a “chancla” or aka flip flop is not an uncommon occurrence in Latino culture. A flip flop or sandal is usually soft sharp shoe wear, than won’t cause more than a big scary shock to a mischievous kid – especially if caught off guard. Getting “hit” is not rare in many cultures, not only in the Latino environment.

This long-time lingering stereotype of “getting hit by a chancla” is what has some people upset. Further, in the game the grandma throws “chanclas”, characters eat tacos, and there’s even a gang member as one of the characters. Of course, there are people that believe that all these things don’t need to be portrayed into the mainstream, but my question is Why Not?

This game is created and developed by a Latino (which on it’s own is a great feat, since there aren’t that many Latinos doing anything related to the underrepresentation in the multi-billion dollar video game market). Yet, most of the critism comes from the same Latinos that laugh at the maid on Family Guy (which is created by a non-Latino aiming to make fun of a part of our culture).

So is this game right or wrong? You judge for yourself. But my point… We need to support Latino artists that are trying to do something with their talent, and if you don’t like it, then YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Never tear your brother down. For any reason.

Here’s my interview with Erik Garcia, creator of La Chancla:

NeoSlavery: Modern Day Volunteer Slavery


Slavery has change from its days of physical abuse. Nowadays, slaves volunteer to work. Slaves want to do all the hard work in order to get money to eat and have a roof over their heads. They don’t need to be beaten, because the NeoSlave will show up to work on time, all by him or herself. In this episode I discuss this kind of new modern slavery.

Listen here to this episode and don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes.

What ever happen to Ebola?

what ever happened to ebola

Some people were scared that Ebola will be the end of humanity. Those same people are now scared that Kim Kardashian can’t find what to wear.

For a while, ‘they’ were trying to scare people about Ebola, and for a while it worked. Now what? What happened? Why are people not shaking from fear anymore? SMH

Here’s a video where I talk about this right in the middle of the ‘scare’. ‘They’ will need to do better than that next time in order to get people crying and pissing their pants in fear.

Why do Latinos and Blacks Self-Destruct?

black people and latinos

I don’t understand why instead of seeing the bigger picture, in society we learn to see our brothers and sisters as strangers and even as enemies. Things don’t have to be this way, but the burdens of breaking hundreds of years of separative mentality can be quite difficult. In this episode I explore this pressing issue.

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Suspicious Timing of Bill Cosby Accusations

Without going into whether Bill Cosby is guilty or not, we have to take a look at the suspicious timing of the accusations. These allegations could have been made many years ago, allowing police to be able to act on them. And if someone really wanted justice, then they would have not taken any kind of monetary payout.  Now, besides destroying Cosby and the exchange of money, nothing else will change the facts. Plus, some of the victim stories are not consistent with what constitutes a sexual assault.

I expand a bit further here on this video:

Bill Cosby set up because he wanted his own TV Network?

bill cosby set up

In this episode I’m having a drink with my boy David Lee Thomason, and we’re chopping it up regarding Bill Cosby. Is it possible that Bill Cosby was set up (by the establishment) in order to stop his plans of creating his own positive TV Network? We also talk about the state of hip hop and crooked cops in this episode.

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Why do they put Fluoride in our Water?

fluoride water

It’s not secret that they add Fluoride in our water… buy the question is WHY!? There are many theories out there, some say that it’s for good, others say it’s for evil, however, no one really seems to know. In this episode I discuss things that can be done to minimize your Fluoride intake.

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