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Gun Control Hype – The Solution to Gun Violence

guncontrolWhy are people in the United States so gun-ho over Gun Control? Do you really think that making guns illegal will keep kids safe? Do you think outlawing guns will solve mass murders? If you believe all that gun control hype, then you obviously have not done your research.

Did you know it’s illegal for a citizen to own a gun in Mexico? Yes, that’s right. Guns are illegal in Mexico! Did you know that mass murders still take place in Mexico? Did you know gun violence is still rampant in many parts of Mexico, in spite of guns being outlawed? So we want to follow in the Mexican footsteps?

Recently, a knife-wielding terror attack took place in China killing 28 people. Should we outlaw knives, too? We might as well, so that we don’t take any chances. How about drunk-driving car accidents? A lot of people are killed in drunk-driving car crashes. We should make those illegal. Heart attacks kill people. Cancer kills people. Do we make Earthquakes and Tsunamis illegal? Why don’t we just make death itself illegal and be done with it?

Gun violence has no simple solution, but gun control is NOT the solution. Gun control already exists. You just can’t go buy a gun at 7-11 and be done with it. There already are laws and regulations to owning a gun. But if you think crazy people care about laws and regulations, then you’re crazy, yourself.

Besides, if we outlaw guns for citizens, then police and the army shouldn’t have them either, right? Why would they need them? No one would have a gun, so they would have no need to have guns themselves. What if some crazy cop or army guy goes on a gun rampage? Well, too late for that. It happens all the time. Yet police or army don’t want to get rid of THEIR guns; they want to get rid of YOUR gun. It’s easier to kill or control you when you can’t defendĀ  yourself.

There are a million ways to die. Some people will die from diabetes, others will die from some derange lunatic with a gun. To avoid dying from diabetes, you need to control your diet, prior to getting diabetes. To avoid dying from a derange lunatic with a gun, you need to control the derange lunatic, BEFORE he goes on a rampage. And if you think taking his gun away will stop him from killing people, then you have even more research to do. Did you know that crazy people drive their cars into crowded boardwalks trying to cause mayhem and kill people? All around the world, insane lunatics launch their cars into crowds for no apparent reason. Should we get some car-control going? Maybe outlawing cars?

We need to stop being ridiculous with the gun control agenda. Instead, let’s focus on the things we CAN actually change.

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