how to get women to want you

3 Secrets to Get a Woman to Want You

how to get women to want youThere are a few things you can do to catch a woman’s attention, but there are just a few secrets beyond those things that makes a woman truly and absolutely desire you.

1. Ambition – You’d be surprise how far having a great ambition can take you with women. A lot of people think women are attracted to rich men for their money, but the fact is that they’re attracted to their ambition. When you’re around a woman or women you want, make sure you let your ambition show. Talk about your big plans, let them know you’re on your way to world domination!

2. Passion – Women find it attractive when a man talks, walks and speaks with passion. You must have a purpose, and that purpose should be your passion. When you tell women about your big ambitions, make sure you do it with excitement and passion. Let your eyes light up and talk with emphasis and confidence. This is a sure way to make a woman to look at you in a passionate way in return.

3. Eye-Contact – There are many secrets hidden in the eyes, and eye-contact could possibly be one of the most powerful seduction tools in a man’s arsenal. Don’t be afraid to look a woman in the eye. Look deep in there, almost like if you’re trying to look inside her head. As you speak passionately about your big ambitions, make that piercing eye-contact that will just make her shake from desire. The more you look into her eyes you will notice that she gets in some sort of trance beyond the physical reality. This is when you know you’ve got her.  TIP – Exercise your eyes like any other muscle. Get a piece of paper, draw a dime-size dot, now move the paper all over the place but don’t move your eyes away from that dot. Do this at least five minutes every day in order to strengthen your eye-contact.

Remember that in order to get that woman that is out of your league, you must do the things that are beyond your comfort zone. Make sure you break out of the shyness of looking at ALL women in the eye. It really makes a HUGE difference when you get into that habit.

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