A Father’s Right To Choose?

A father has no right to choose, mainly because he’s only good for fertilizing the egg and paying child support for 18 years. Nonetheless, a father can’t meddle in a woman’s right to chose, because it’s “their body, their choice”. But what happens when that “choice” affects more than the individual person making the choice? Is it fair to force a person who does not want to enter into a contract or agreement (such as that of having a child) to enter such agreement? Why is that legal?

On the other end of the spectrum, what if a father wants to have the child? Wouldn’t it be fair to force the woman to have it? Just like the other way around, women currently have the legal power to force a man to have a child.

The main argument is that “well, a father has the choice to not have sex”. But so does the woman! Besides, if the agreement was to only have sex for recreational purposes, then where does the agreement to have a baby come into play? Obviously that would be a separate issue that would need to be discussed between the parties.

I’m all for a woman’s right to choose, but I’m equally in support for a father’s right to choose, as well. The “it’s my body” argument is BS. Especially when “your body” will impact someone else’s life.

If a woman wants to have a child and the father doesn’t want to, there needs to be an agreement in place. The woman should understand that the man shouldn’t be held responsible for her actions and she shouldn’t expect the man to take care of “her choice”.

If a woman has a right to choose, she should also be held responsible for her choices. Men are expected to be responsible for their choices as well, but those choices must be respected equally to a woman’s choice.

I know the world’s not fair, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be changed.

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