Bill Cosby set up because he wanted his own TV Network?

In this episode I’m having a drink with my boy David Lee Thomason, and we’re chopping it up regarding Bill Cosby. Is it possible that Bill Cosby was set up (by the establishment) in order to stop his plans of creating his own positive TV Network? We also talk about the state of hip hop and crooked cops in this episode.

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37 thoughts on “Bill Cosby set up because he wanted his own TV Network?

  1. You gentlemen are truly on point with your comments. This is the total annihilation of a true king, Dr. Bill Cosby. Racism is a Cancer which is proving to be the Destruction of us all. There are too many evil white people in this Country and around the World. There is truly a double standard of black and white. White people get away with everything.

  2. It’s really sad that some people want to call the death of Cosbys reputation racism? It was he that chose to allow himself to be exposed in this nature. It’s also sad that the women involved felt compelled they had to keep his actions secret for as long as they did. If any white people have gotten away with anything we don’t already about, we would surely like them exposed as well…

    1. Go berry ure had back in the sand. You have no idea the type of world we live in and the evil people in control. Go back to sleep sheep.

  3. That’s ridiculous. Nobody cares whether Bill Cosby has his own network or not, and the reason NBC didn’t sell it to him was that they weren’t planning on selling it!

    The majority of Cosby’s audience is white, and certainly conservatives LOVE his blaming and shaming those victimized by institutionalized racism and so forth. His infamous ‘pull your pants up’ makes sense now-he sides with the abusers, not the victims. I couldn’t figure that out before.

    It makes sense to want to defend him since historically African Americans have been killed, tortured, enslaved, and you only have to look back to Dr. Martin Luther King to understand your reactions. But this isn’t that. Cosby is simply a rapist.

    It’s too bad, because he did a lot of good. I was still watching Cosby reruns the week before all this came out……

    1. You speak as if you was there and saw Cosby drug and rape any of the woman that made claims I got raped and come forward years later.. hmm mm sounds fishy to me …people killed this man’s character and then news breaks a woman another model just came forward and told how she was approached by casting directors who offered to pay her $15000 to set up Bill Cosby then Beverly Johnsons long time manager came forward to say Mrs Johnson never had a meeting alone with Cosby … we will see these other woman’s stories crumble as well… The powers that be can’t let a positive Black Network rise they making to much money off the garbage. ..

  4. Regarding why it took so long for Cosby’s victims to come forward, it’s not at all unusual for sexual assault victims to never tell anyone, to tell only loved ones or those close to them, or to only talk about years later. Even decades later.

    This is due to the feelings of guilt, shame, blaming themselves, the societal effects of being disbelieved, called names, shamed etc., and to the effects of PTSD, dissociation, denial and other psychological effects which the victim experiences.

    Google it if you’re interested, but as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, my memories were blocked out until I was about 35 years old. Not at all unusual for that to happen.

    Society has changed a lot-it didn’t even used to be against the law to have sex with a person who was so drunk or drugged that they were unable to give consent. It was also not against the law to rape your wife.

    And there was no social media. Back in the day Cosby was VERY powerful-many of the women were told to shut up or threatened etc. Ten years ago when accusations were made, Cosby made a deal with the Enquirer to drop a story about an alleged victim, in exchange for his giving them an interview. In the interview he disclosed that his daughter had a drug problem. In legal documents he admits this.

    The way I understand it is that what started all this was the story by Woody Allen’s daughter, who wrote an article about his having molested her. This was the trigger. Then a commedian, who had been telling jokes about Cosby being a rapist for months, was videotapped doing this. The tape went viral.

    During this last year A LOT of people who have been raped or sexually assaulted finally felt safe enough to disclose. I think society it finally ready to listen, at least better than it used to.

    As I say, if you’re interested just google sexual abuse, effects, PTSD, yada yada. Or read the latest accuser’s story too. She says that she only finally told her husband about ten years ago, when the accusations coming out against Cosby triggered her. Not uncommon at all. A trigger is something that reminds you of the trauma. It can be a smell, a sight, a taste…anything…and suddenly you may be right back there…

    Anyway, food for thought….

    1. Your comments have merit but are still slightly naive. Cosby has been convicted of nothing, just allegations and some of which have been disproven yet still he has been dragged through the mud and his shows boycotted and cancelled. Seems he was quilty by default. On the other hand the actor Stephen Collins from 7th Heaven has been proven a child molester with video evidence and a confession, yet there was no boycott, no huge public outcry and shaming and he’s still collecting royalty cheques. He also blamed molesting the young women on a childhood experience with a woman exposing herself to him. The situation is not black and white, just various shades of grey

  5. Keu Reyes writes his own comments on his articles to get some one to talk to him.
    Racism is alive because of people like you.
    Try giving as much as you take.

  6. Complete Baloney.
    Oprah has her own Network.
    Nobody Cares Whether Bill Cosby Has His Own Network.
    Bill Cosby appears to be a Serial Rapist.
    When so many women who did not know each other
    come forth with the same story…And there were other witnesses
    that Cosby was with these women at the time etc…
    Evidence is overwhelming.
    Cosby was my favorite comedian, but not anymore.
    Enough is Enough.
    Anyone with an ounce of common sense, intelligence and dignity
    would come to the same conclusion…Cosby is/was a sexual predator
    preying on innocent women.

  7. Im sick and tired of people making comments about the rape allegations as if they were in the room themselves. Let me repeat that word… ALLEGATIONS. No one knows anything. Other than Bill and those women. Everyone in the country just because this big number of women came forth and said “me too”… you nonthinking people want to believe them… as if you were there….. foolish on your part. Ill continue to stand by him until the truth comes out.

  8. Oprah a fuckin puppet, Bill made blacks think about holding themselves accountable of they actions. Oprah just want us to buy the crackas products! We saw what his programs did for the social mindset of the black community back then, imagine a whole network of that shit! These crackas don’t want strong black people they want gender confused examples for the images we see

    1. I thought in this so called wonderful country that you were innocent til proven guilty. You white people been getting away with rape for yours and those women come forth and report the it the same day, ask the Navy the cover up alot of rapes. But we suppose to believe these women after 30 and 40 years.

  9. I do believe this is a set up. Anytime any black man has attempted to change what propaganda has shown the world, he’s dead.They’re aware of Cosby’s power. His power to lead and make black folk think, and love themselves. They dont want us loving ourselves, it’s too dangerous for them. Why target Cosby when Stephen Collins molested children , Woody Allen molested a child, Charlie Sheen having sex w/HIV, etc. Where’s the outrage and outcry of injustice here? Cosby could’ve used his power for a little piece of action, but what heavy hitter hasn’t. CALIFORNICATION! Just recently 13 BLACK WOMEN came forward accusing white cop, Daniel Holtzclaw (with his ugly ass) of raping them. No one, not even the white folk commenting here cared. Our women and men have been raped, sodomized, beaten, castrated,killed all at the hands of white men, since arriving here, and white folk don’t care. I love what Cosby tries to do for his people. I will continue to support him. I don’t care anything about those women accusing him of rape.


  11. Doctor do little you are are one hundred percent right but they say not to blame the victim but who is the real victim here i’m still am cosby fan

  12. Yep! He’s fighting back……at first it was the bate. Get him to say something to open up criminal chargers, and lawsuits. They couldn’t get him to do so, next. Then they seek out a Black figure, someone Blacks admire, which was Beverly Johnson, whom is thirsty for some light to shine her way, it swayed a few, then faded fast because her testimony didn’t make sense. They ask us to believe in addicts ( yet, they wouldn’t be considered reliable testimony unless trying to convict an alleged drug dealer), women who came back to be raped twice, and were starving to be around celebrities. They then found someone that claim she was a minor in a playboy mansion where Cosby raped her. Now all a sudden they can pursue some legal action….hmmmm did I mention a minor in a playboy mansion where legal prostitution takes place. Was she suppose to be there? Lmao…’s pathetic what that man hating lawyer is trying to do, I also find it interesting that she always go after Celeibrity Black Men!

    1. I totally agree that Cosby is innocent until proven guilty and that cannot be done. One of his accusers said the raping went on for 4 years. 4 years??? That is not rape. I am a firm believer that these “women” (and I use the term loosely) never made it into the celebrity field for lack of talent, looks, etc, and decided to take advantage of the status of Mr. Cosby and hope to get some money from all this so called talk. It was pretty common for women to report rape or sexual assault in the 70s, 80s-yet none of these did. They didn’t because it did not happen.

  13. *** WELL WELL *** Is this still “AMERICA” I, hope so…. if, and only if, Bill Cosby, did some or all of the acts mentioned by all of the “GROWN” A$$ WOMAN…. It still needs to be in a “COURT OF LAW” with a Judge and 12 Jurors…. And if, late… MR. Richard Pryor and his Ex-Wife where at close or open A-list parties etc etc…. Seeing Bill Cosby, getting in bed or other with what ever move or had legs… Consenting Sex Is “NOT” a CRIME…. “YES” drugs in the 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80’s was “BIG” and Popular to all walks of life….. You must first remember the LAWS of those ( states, dates and times ) was very different then…. Remember there was no ( Seat-belt, insurance, alcohol via DUI’s, Voting for Blacks, Equal-opportunity, children’s Rights, Gay Rights Laws) yet until the late 80’s or much! Later…… I’m not, sticking up for mr Cosby but, the times of all of these allegations… Was in a “RENAISSANCE” period of the United States of America. Mann!! Drugs was the main thing in the 70’s after Vietnam…. The Spawned Comedy like “Cheech & Chongs” (UP & Smoke) movie Cult classic and many others…. And “YES” to Conclude this topic about How bad Bill Cosby did….folks. Mrs. Pryor, said it her self… Ex-husband Richard Pryor’s battle with Drug addictions….. “YES” Drug addictions…. abuse/ in all forms was rapid in the Hollywood “Shuffle”. Didn’t, anyone see the movie “BLOW” or Boggy Nights…. It gave a quick snap shot off Southern California Fast life with “Drugs and Sex”. “POINT-Blank” it was OFF-tha-Chain…. So, these woman now “Mothers” and “Grandmothers” are trying to accuse Mr. Cosby of what again…. **Nothing ~ nothing ~ NOTHING** RIGHT…. WELL, HERE is an Update to a 20 plus cases and one official Charge of Rape/Assault b y Bill Ciosby n L.A. California. Witch was eventually “DROPPED” due to lack of Evidence/ Witness/ Facts *** ALL where “DROPPED” *** So, at the end of the day….. Mrs. Pryor well off but, not Rich.. Taking attention to the lime light it would bring torweds the New Richard Pryor Movie. (Politics) at work the Movie does well, her “Royalty” Rights as “Owner” of Estates to Mr. Pryor does well $,$$$,$$$….. “ya-Diggs”.

  14. yeah right…..guys!! my aunt was a make up artist on the set off the Cosby show,for years,and all the time ,she heard stuff about what he was doing… let just face it .. he got caught!!!

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