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bordertown is racistIs Bordertown Racist? Excuse my Spanish, but… What the f*** does Seth MacFarlane know about living at the border? What the f*** does Mark Hentemann know about being Mexican? If you don’t know, these are the executive producers of the Fox animated series “Bordertown.” Two White guys, that even White guys think they’re “too White”.

In this entertainment industry not too many people know the truth, let alone tell it. I used to not speak up because I was afraid how it could affect me one day.  I’m done!  F*** it!!! They can’t keep manipulating the growing majority of the population with sub-par attempts at ridicule disguising it under the “it’s funny” umbrella of stereotypical stupidity.

Why did Fox think that the Whitest guy they know can produce a show that features a Mexican family living at the border? Well, it’s the same Fox that thought that Seth MacFarlane could also produce the “The Cleveland Show”, which featured a Black family living in Virginia. <<- You can read all about my beef with that show here as well.

Look, I really like Family Guy. It’s one of my favorite shows. But I don’t like it because it’s a “White” show… instead, I love it because it’s an “anti-establishment” show. Family Guy is about a White family living the way they want to live, and it’s usually wrong — and that’s hilarious! But that show is funny because it has something “real” to the concept. It lives within certain parameters of truth. Real stereotypes are funny. I’m all for ridiculing stereotypes in order to show how dumb they really are at times.

But an issue I have with a show like this Bordertown, is that they’ve engaged real, talented Latinos to be a part of it, in order to give “validity” to their degenerate proposition of entertainment. Talented, gifted Latinos in the likes of Lalo Alcaraz (click here to listen to my interview with Lalo), Gustavo Arellano and Valentina Garza fall into the ONLY opportunity out there to reach the mainstream. Unfortunately, this Bordertown show is NOT THEIR SHOW! Their power is limited and their creative prowess is stumped by the real players behind the curtain – MacFarlane and Hentemann.

But what did you expect? It’s not Lalo, Gustavo or Valentina’s fault. They have no choice! Fox would never give them their own show. There’s not a network out there brave, or willing, enough to give real Latinos a platform to reach millions and millions of viewers – all on their own. That would never happen!! They always need that ‘all-powerful White image’ to supervise what they’re doing, and with good reason — because imagine the political implications of real issues being brought to light through comedy and entertainment??? Hmmm… Elections are won or lost through these platforms. Real Latinos have no place in creating the real content, or so think the big Networks. Instead, they’re given “associate producer” or “consulting producer” or “bullshit-taker” positions in order to appease all the real Latinos that will be offended by this garbage being put out.

LATINOS: “This is a racist show!”

NETWORK: “This can’t be a racist show, because Lalo Alcaraz is a part of it!”

I see right through all the smoke and mirrors and I hope smart Latinos will, too. In fact, I hope this Bordertown show is funny and successful and goes on for many seasons so that at least Lalo, Gustavo and Valentina can get paid! <–That’s about all the good I see coming out of this Bordertown project.

My point? This show is garbage. I’ve actually have read the scripts for the show, and trust me, it’s worse than what it looks like.

Funny, how the show its supposed to be funny, but the real joke is on the audience.

I had a chance to interview Lalo Alcaraz, click here for the interview. I’m out.

I leave you the trailer here in case you enjoy their attempt…

22 thoughts on “Seth MacFarlane’s Bordertown…

  1. I’m looking forward to talking to LALO at NALIP about this..When you hear it come out of his mouth, it sounds like he’s got a lot of creative control…but wow…that’s messed up..

  2. This shows meager attempt at immigration reform and racial satire is offensive and repugnant. It attempts to paint the racist white man against a unintelligent Mexican family. I am mixed race Mexican and White and I felt offended for both of my great cultures. I will not fall for the Israelite plan of devide, conquer and control all goy and Gentiles through the control of the media. People wake up! This is a blatent attempt of race baiting propaganda by a Israeli run Hollywood. We need quality American programming free of Jewish influence. And no, I am not an anti Semite I am a pro American

  3. As terrible as I think the show is, it is a comedy, it’s not supposed to accurately represent actual life at the real border, it’s just a show. It’s still garbage though, I found it more offensive towards white Americans (And I’m British, even I could see it and I don’t even live there) The show keeps trying to make whites look bad and Mexicans look like they’re the greatest, maybe an attempt at satire, but it sucks, the best joke I found in the entire show was in the first episode, and it had nothing to do with race, “Ahhh, isn’t that right suspended bird in the sky? No immigrants get in when you’re around.” And then the illegal immigrant smuggler pulls down the poster and laughs, THAT was the funniest joke in the whole show, pathetic, Bob’s Burgers is pretty shitty, but it has charm to it, Bordertown is just shit.

    1. Thanks for your input Alex. Welcome to the world of American Television where White Executives try their hand at multicultural comedy. It’s no different than if Canadian executives tried to run Japanese comedy shows. No concept/reality link whatsoever. Thanks again for your feedback.

  4. Oh please. It’s stupid, timely, and edgy. It should start conversations about how stupid is.. And it’s certainly not as dangerous as Madame Secretary or The Good Wife or House of Cards or any of the myriad “serious” shows that serve as nothing but a platform for the Clinton Clooney crowd.

  5. i noticed you said they are “white” like five times. They are actually not white, they are Jewish. Us Jews are not white people and it infuriates me when you goyim call us white. we are not dirty European goyim scum.

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