Be Careful Where You Get Advice

Advice is all the praise. Everyone advises that you should listen to advice. But all advice is not created equal. There’s some extremely bad advice out there. So there are some things you must analyze before taking any advice to heart.

Consider the Source

Is the source an authority on the advice being given? If you’re an airplane mechanic, and the person giving you advice is a Starbucks barista, you’re probably going to get sub-par advice. Perhaps a lucky tidbit from an outsider, but the fact is that they have no idea of what it is that you do. However, if you get advice from a master airplane mechanic with 40 years of experience, the probability of great advice is quite high.

NOTE: If you have financial problems, do not take advice from other people with financial problems. Broke people have the most free advice. Rich people won’t call you back.

Opinion vs. Practicality

Some people will give you their opinion as advice. That is NOT advice. Real advice has practicality, and it has real data to back it up. Don’t just take someone’s opinion as a road map to your success. You must really discern how is the advice being given can realistically be implemented in your plans.

Be Wary of Theories

Some people are full of theories. Even though they may be an expert in a particular field, they have theories they developed, but have never had the courage to implement. So they may try to pass those theories on to you, in the hopes that you implement them to see if they work. Don’t become anyone’s guinea pig. Your path is not anyone’s experiment. You don’t need advice to develop theories or put them in action. Or maybe you do. You’ll have to judge your own needs on a case by case basis.

Do you actually need advice?

That’s the question you must answer. One thing is being against listening to any advice. Yet, another thing is being open to ALL advice. You must become a flexible, but selective advice-seeker. Not all good advice is good for you. It will all come down to what your instincts tell you.

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