Disgusting Experience on Southwest Airlines – Dirty Planes and Rude Flight Attendants

ImageI had the most disgusting experience flying Southwest Airlines yesterday. Their idiotic, moronic, dumb and stupid “first-come, first-serve” policy got me sitting on the back of the plane with no space for my carry-ons. Even Greyhound has assigned seating! This isn’t a movie theater, it’s supposed to be a plane. The drunken meeting where Southwest Airlines executives sat around and decided this was good policy must have been fun. “Hey, lets let the passenger fight for their seats!”

Yet, that’s not the reason why I’m upset. I know it’s a good reason, but it’s not thee reason.  So, yesterday I’m on flight 3286 flying from Orlando to Las Vegas. I get to my seat and the front back pocket of the seat in front of me was stuffed with wet, snotty tissues. I’m talking about stuffed! Full of gooey snot rags.  So I flagged the flight attendant, “Michelle,” and she looked at it and said she would take care of it later! What!? I couldn’t believe it. I was supposed to sit there with that disgusting trash in front of me?

I grabbed one of those Spirit magazines and I used it to scoop up those nasty snot rags and I used the safety card to get them out. I brought them to the back of the plane were another flight attendant was disgusted by it all, as well. So I washed my hands and got back to my seat, and I tried to sleep the rest of the disgusting plane ride.

This is a big problem, not only because it’s DISGUSTING, but because it’s a health hazard! If I catch a cold, the flu or some other disease from whatever was in those tissues I will sue the hell out of Southwest for being so careless and negligent with their cleanliness. Airplanes are full of germs and bacteria as it is, so at the very least Southwest Airlines should make an attempt, at least the illusion of the attempt, at some sort of cleanliness standard. They serve food in these planes! I don’t see the health department rating them like they do restaurants; because if these planes were restaurants, they’d be shut down!

I’m sure as soon as stock and profits start plummeting, Gary Kelly and Southwest Airlines will take a hard look at why people are stressed out over idiotic seating policies and snot rags and vomit bags being left on their disgusting, germ infected planes. I wish I could get my money back, but I won’t even try because they don’t care about these situations until it hits them in the pocket.


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