Dont Be a Jack and Master Your Trade.

There’s power in becoming a specialist in whatever it is we do. Focusing our energy at being the leaders or experts in a niche of our trades assures success.

We all have tendencies that lead us to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Yet, even though we understand what that means, we seldom do much to move away from that.

The key is to continuously remind ourselves of what our focus should be. If you need a fireman to put out a fire, you want the best fireman possible. You don’t want the part-time fireman that is also following his dream of being a ballet dancer.

Be the expert in your field and don’t generalize yourself into a categorical “clump” where everyone dwells. Be different and unique at what you do. Offer something extra of value so that people feel confident in what you offer.

If you’re a writer, be the best writer, but better yet, if you can be more specific, like “comedy writer” for example, then be that. Actually, if you can focus it even more and be a “satirical comedy writer” the you’re more in the expert world. Take it further and expand the limits and be a “political satire comedy writer”. Add “left-wing” in front of that and become even more of a niche.

Remember to keep your expertise flexible, yet focused. Be a master of your trade. Don’ worry about the other trades around you. Carve your niche, and carve it deep. No one will be able to compete with a specialist.

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