Education is Bullshit

ImageYou always hear “stay in school,” and “education is key” and blah, blah, blah. The truth is that a lot of so-called “educated people” look down on people that don’t have degrees. The education industry (because don’t get it twisted… education is a FOR-PROFIT INDUSTRY) brainwashes people into thinking that they’re nothing without an education. That’s simple and obvious bullshit!

Poor people try their hardest to get a degree because they think it will help them leave whatever struggle they might be living. Yet, AN EDUCATION DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY EQUAL SUCCESS!!! Don’t be fooled thinking that if you get a degree that you will live the life of your dreams.

In reality a lot of people that have truly impacted the world HAVE NO FORMAL EDUCATION. So just because you don’t finish school it doesn’t mean you can’t change the world. I’m sick and tired of people believing they’re less because they never finished school – especially poor people.

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A person with a formal education will probably look down at someone from another country that might not be able to read or write – when in reality, that person, without reading or writing, will probably survive and cope in the real world a lot better that an “educated person”.

Education is the biggest discriminatory factor in this country. People can’t get jobs because they don’t have degrees – so these people that would be great at whatever job they might be applying for, will not get the job simply because they haven’t joined the little club of “educated people” that have degrees to validate everything they read in a book.

Kids grow up forced to think that they better get an education or that they will never achieve anything in life. Those kids should ask those people with degrees living in debt to their student loans and making less money than their profession should make, whether that degree made them a better person. An actual better, wholesome person.

I’m not against the act of LEARNING. I think learning is essential. I’m just calling out the extremely profitable education industry. Schools don’t teach because they care… They teach because it makes money. They have the population brainwashed in a monopoly that runs business and the economy. So no wonder our economy sucks. Just look at all the people trying to get an overpriced education from an offensively overpriced textbook, teaching people how to take a multiple choice exam that leaves no room for new thoughts, innovations or ideas. In fact, expressing an opinion different from that opinion being thought to you, will lead to your FAILURE in school.

People are so afraid of not getting an education that they sacrifice their youth trying to achieve something that only means something to the people who give it value. We, as society, give a dollar bill the value of a dollar bill, but what happens if we stop believing that dollar has any value at all? What if we look at it just like any other piece of paper? What happens then?

Same thing with a degree. It’s just a piece of paper. An education does not define a human being’s value in this world. The best doctors are probably indigenous people in a mountain somewhere whom probably could have the cure to cancer and AIDS – but these people would get no respect or value in this country because they don’t have a piece of paper attesting that they wrote a lot of essays about some bullshit that was irrelevant to anything in reality. (…and that’s besides being illegal aliens that are here to destroy the country).

People need to wake up and stop spending 70,000 dollars in an education for a career that only makes 30,000 grand. It’s stupid and doesn’t make sense.

Here are some people that changed the world without finishing a formal education:

  • Mother Teresa
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Steven Spielberg
  • John D. Rockefeller Sr.
  • Rachel Ray
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Bill Gates (Billionaire)
  • Henry Ford
  • Russel Simmons
  • Michael Dell
  • Halle Berry
  • Mary Kay Ash (Mary Kay Cosmetics)
  • Adele
  • Ben Affleck
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Woody Allen
  • Christina Applegate
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Richard Branson (Billionaire)
  • Lady Gaga

AND THE FULL LIST IS HUGE! Here’s another more detailed list, or simply google “famous people without an education”.

So are these people dumb or stupid because they didn’t get that piece of paper that says they graduated? So much of education! School will never teach a human his or her purpose in life.

And if you’re currently feeling bad because you haven’t gotten or will not get a degree, just keep in mind that you have the capacity to turn out smarter, richer and overall a better person than people who give away their money to the educational industry.

The education industry is bullshit. Period. If you don’t like this post is probably because you sacrificed thousands of dollars and years of your time pursuing what everyone told you to do. Of course what you did has value – but it’s only valuable to YOU. A lion in the jungle doesn’t care that you have a PHD from Harvard… that lion will still eat you alive.

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