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Gun Control is a Bad Idea. Native Americans Lost Their Land Because of It. [VIDEO]

Native Americans lost their land because they didn’t have guns. Besides, outlawing guns don’t mean that criminals will respect the law. You could still be a victim of a home invasion robbery, except you won’t be able to defend yourself. Besides, it is illegal for any citizen to own a...CONTINUE READING

We Don’t Need Gun Control – We Need Control. Period.

Things are getting pretty rough in Oakland. Actually, let me rephrase that… Things already HAVE BEEN rough in Oakland for a LONG TIME. I lived there for a few years a while back. I have much love for what I consider to be a city with a great example of...CONTINUE READING


Violent acts have been taking place since the beginning of time. Even before humans, animals were killing each other for territory, food, mates, etc. Therefore, controlling a single tool will not make human’s violent nature go away. Besides gun control, what we need is CRAZY PEOPLE control. In this country,...CONTINUE READING
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