gun banViolent acts have been taking place since the beginning of time. Even before humans, animals were killing each other for territory, food, mates, etc. Therefore, controlling a single tool will not make human’s violent nature go away. Besides gun control, what we need is CRAZY PEOPLE control.

In this country, if they establish tougher regulations and require background checks to purchase a gun, will the street gun dealers (which is the place where true criminals and crazies get their weapons) start requiring background checks? Obviously NOT! So are tougher regulations truly the answer?

Besides, if the gun was never invented people would still be killing each other with chainsaws, knives, machetes, samurai swords, rocks and spears. Because the true issue is that people kill each other. Period.

I’m taken aback at how it takes tragedies in “suburbia” in order for the government to finally see guns as a problem now. But people in poor communities have been victims of gun violence for years and years! Interesting that now that the problem is, shall I say, “mainstream”, now we have a real problem in our hands.

Further, crazy people that want to shoot up movie theaters and schools don’t buy their guns at Walmart, because people with bad intentions don’t operate in plain sight. They do things behind the scenes and cover their tracks. So making guns “illegal” will only affect those people that have nothing to hide.

I understand that guns make it easier to kill people and that a lot of people die from reckless behavior and emotional moments of ire, but people should be held responsible for their actions.  For example, if a homeless person steals a shopping cart, do we blame the shopping cart’s availability for the reason the homeless person broke the law? Do we require background checks on the homeless to own shopping carts? That would be ridiculous. Same reasoning if we blame guns for people’s crimes. In the homeless case, if that person was not homeless to begin with, then he wouldn’t have the need to steal a shopping cart in the first place. Therefore, resolving the issue from its root cause sounds more like a solution than banning or regulating anything.

Also, a lot of people jump in the bandwagon on causes without really understanding the issue or consequences of such. Case in point, Mexico has some of the toughest gun control laws in the world. In turn, Mexico also has some of the highest gun violence in the world. So what’s to be gained from doing the same thing in this country?

I’m not a fan of guns, but I’m also not a fan of “anti” anything. Anytime you have to stop people from “using something” it hardly works out. I believe in understanding why there’s a need to “use something” and tackling that, because that’s the root of the problem. Same thing with drugs: Making drugs illegal don’t stop people from using them. Yet, if we get to the bottom of “why” people use them, then maybe we could have a better chance controlling the problem.

I think the solution to the “gun problem” is to make psychopathic behavior illegal.

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