Here’s the reason women love jerks and get bored with nice guys

It’s no secret women love men that are jerks. Jerks are fun! Nice guys reading this are probably disagreeing, which is the reason that women think they’re boring. Jerks are the life of the party. Nice guys need to get a life so that they can get invited to a party.  Jerks take women on emotional roller-coasters, nice guys take women into boredom corny-coasters.

Jerks don’t care if women like them back, nice guys only care that women like them back. Jerks behave like themselves, nice guys act weaker than they already are. Jerks don’t listen to women’s complaints, while nice guys are a shoulder for women to cry on – Then women take that shoulder, wet from tears and snot, and throw it in the garbage where used tissue belongs.

Nice guys open up to women about their feelings, jerks don’t have feelings – and if they have feelings, they’re definitively not showing them to women for the sake of getting pity.  Jerks get sex because they make women horny, nice guys get sex because women feel sorry for them. Nice guys think they’re right, jerks know they’re wrong.

Women say they want a nice guy, but they end up with a jerk.  A nice guy thinks every woman might be “the one”, jerks think “every one” might be a woman.  Nice guys think jerks are jerks, while jerks don’t think about nice guys.  Nice guys try to make women feel special, jerks don’t try.  Jerks sleep with women, nice guys make women sleepy.

Nice guys call and text women all the time, jerks wait for women to call and text them – and women usually do.  Nice guys let everyone know they’re nice, jerks don’t let anyone know anything.  Nice guys are always looking for relationships, but relationships are always finding jerks. Nice guys want to meet someone special, jerks just want to meet anyone.

Nice guys get mad at a post like this, jerks stopped reading after a couple of lines and went on to search for porn. Nice guys want to cuddle with her, while she wants to cuddle with a jerk who doesn’t want to cuddle.

Nice guys don’t make as much money as jerks.  Jerks get away with murder, nice guys get accused of some shit they didn’t do. Nice guys are afraid to be themselves, jerks don’t know any other way.  Nice guys want to give women everything, while women give everything to jerks.

Nice guys fall in love with women, while women fall in love with jerks. Nice guys take women out on romantic dates, afterwards she calls a some jerk she misses. Nice guys think women are nice like they are themselves. Jerks know women are worse than they are. Nice guys are naive to women’s true needs, jerks choose to ignore those needs.

Nice guys lack excitement, jerks are exciting. Nice guys don’t do bad things, jerks only do bad things – and when they do something good, they didn’t mean to. Nice guys try to be too romantic and they lack real manhood, jerks don’t want to be romantic and rather live in the moment.

It’s pretty obvious why women prefer jerks. Overall, in this short life, it’s better to experience emotion, than to be emotional.  Nice guys are emotional. Jerks just are.

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