How To Be Better Than Everyone

Being better than everyone is a simple concept with a complex execution. The first part of being better than everyone is to be okay with the fact that you are better than everyone.

If you live your life waiting for people to catch up to you or to reach your level, then you’ll just be as good as everyone. But if you want to be BETTER than everyone than you have to do better than that (and not feel guilty about it).

The second part to being better than everyone is to go above and beyond what everyone does. If someone does one thing, then you do that thing better, and do it twice. If someone works hard, then you work harder and at double speed. Being better is as simple as working harder.

One thing that will propel you to becoming better than everyone is to wake up before everyone and go to sleep after everyone. This ensures that you have more time than everyone, which is key in being able to better.

So to recap, find your motivation to being better than everyone, then make sure you are okay with being better than everyone, then work harder and longer than everyone. These steps will ensure that you become better than everyone.

The more you do and the better you do it, the better you become.

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