How to get more done by doing less.

Get more done by doing less. It sounds counter-productive, but it works.

1) Pick One Thing You Like Doing – Don’t pick 2 or 3. Just pick one thing and nothing else.

2) Pick something you can actually get done. – Don’t pick something you need two hundred people to help. Just pick one thing that you can get done within reason, and with no help or with a manageable amount of help.

3) Don’t depend on other people to get what you need done. – People are unreliable, and most likely they will care less about what you are trying to do than you do. So if you can do something without help, do it. If not, then don’t require too much of people so that you’re not disappointed.

4) Put a short deadline. – Don’t put a deadline for years later. The shorter the deadline the better. Instant gratification means instant motivation.

5) Don’t get sidetracked by ideas. – There are trillions of ideas collectively out there. Don’t get caught in that trap thinking about ideas. Instead come to the real world and get one of those ideas actually done.

6) When you think what you’re doing is stupid, it’s because you’re stupid. – Basically in the middle of getting something done, you’ll think “is this even worth it?” The answer is yes! Get it done, regardless. You’ll thank yourself later.

7) Don’t sabotage yourself. – It’s easy to convince yourself not to do something. It’s harder to ignore yourself and get things done. The best thing is that you show yourself that you’re stronger than you.

8) Stop reading this and go do what you need to get done. Now.

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